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  1. IHS Doncaster
    IHS has announced that due to the Coronavirus - The show that was due to take place on the 5TH APRIL has now been transferred to the 2ND AUGUST
  2. IHS Doncaster
    Hi all Does any one know how common whites tree frogs are at the Doncaster show? Thinking to swing by in November Cheers
  3. IHS Doncaster
    So, who has seen this latest news from the IHS? Unfortunately, I'm at work so can't get a link to the facebook page, but they have announced a new Doncaster Show on 7th April 2019, at Doncaster Racecourse. What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I'm in two minds. As a trader/retailer at...
  4. Snakes
    Any of you good people in the above mentioned group? One of the Admins posted some frozen mice prices y day so I commented (as you do) saying the quality looked right but the prices looked high. That was it.. Minutes later my comments removed and now im banned from commenting until next...
  5. Hobby Issues & Information
    Following on from the success of the May 2017 Herpetology Husbandry Conference, organised jointly between the AHH and BHS, an expanded 2018 event is planned for the weekend of 21st and 22nd April, 2018. Saturday 21st will be a full day of free to attend workshops. Sunday 22nd will be the...
  6. IHS Doncaster
    Who is going ? Any good gecko breeders Also can we vlog in there as I've heard we can't anymore Ps Im back from hibernation you crazy reptile loving people :2thumb::2thumb:
  7. IHS Doncaster
    Does anyone know if there will be any garter snakes and what types and prices are they likly to be
  8. IHS Doncaster
    We are pleased to announce that we have compeletely sold out the IHS Breeders Meeting Tables for the 1st November 2015! There are now no more tables for the allocation for the November date! This emans that any visitors are welcome and will be spoilt for choice at this show! Yet again we have...
  9. IHS Doncaster
    I can't make it to donny on 1st November but wanted to pick up a specific snake so wonderered if anybody from Devon was planning on going? Cheers.
  10. IHS Doncaster
    We are pleased to announce that we are nearly full! Nearly all tables are booked, and thats including our new upstairs expansion introduced last year! This is fantastic news! If you want tables there are a handful left and you have only until 1st Ieptember to get them booked! This is going to...
  11. IHS Doncaster
    IHS Breeders Meetings - (Added 3. Aug. 2015) An important announcement from the Committee of the IHS. PLEASE READ. Following the unsuccessful outcome of the Judicial Review on Friday last (31st July 2015) there seems to be some confusion and speculation as to the future of Breeders Meetings...
  12. Snakes
    Hi guys, I have 2 snakes currently and a bearded dragon, all in awesome vivs ive built :P So im thinking of moving onto a larger snake soon and possibly picking a boa up at sept Doncaster show :) so i have a 2ft x 2ft x 1ft high viv in my tower that is currently free that I could house a...
  13. Snakes
    Hi, it was my first time at Doncaster, and i wanted to thank the organisers for a fantastic event. I thought the atmosphere and facilities were brilliant. It was great fun meeting so many enthusiastic people who genuinely love reptiles. I also loved the variety that was there...i didn't expect...
  14. IHS Doncaster
    I could really do with a lift and, of course, I'm happy to contribute to fuel. :)
  15. IHS Doncaster
    As predicted the IHS Doncaster show in June will be 100% going ahead. After three hours of hearing both sides of the JR the Judge, decided to reserve judgement until a later date, this gives her the time to totally digest the case from all aspects before making a ruling, and the associated...
  16. IHS Doncaster
    As we are now getting closer the JR (Thursday the 4th June) I thought it would be wise to make clear, yet again, that the IHS Doncaster Breeders Meeting will be going ahead, no matter what the outcome. To make it doubly clear; THE IHS DONCASTER JUNE SHOW IS GOING AHEAD! Make sure you...
  17. IHS Doncaster
    Looking to see if anyone is going to the show on June 21st from the south Wales area and would be able to offer a lift? for money of course. Or if demand is high enough possibly hiring a mini bus? :2thumb:
1-17 of 237 Results