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ij carpet
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    for sale is my male carpet he is tame and doing everything he should he is a big lad and ideal for breeding ..... i am looking to swap for a small male jungle or nice male for my jungle female ..... or £50 no viv
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    This lil guy is always on display and his favourite perch is smack bang in the middle of the viv right at the front...........great for viewing him........not so great when I need to get in the viv :gasp: he does like the taste of my hands He keeps me on my toes!, hope you likes he is a...
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    Hi everyone, i have for sale my CB11 unsexed Irian Jaya Carpet due to focusing on my big snakes, he/she strike feeds everytime on 2x rat pups every 7 days and he/she poo's and shed's fine and is also great to handle... looking for £60 Heres a pic of him/her Thanks for looking : victory:
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    I want to see your pictures of Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons, hatchlings, fully grown, anything you have :2thumb: Can't get enough of them right now.
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    these two both shed recently, so thought i would grab a few pics of them...
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    well my keeper IJ from 09 shed the other day, so grabbed some pics last night...this chap is amazing in the flesh! i know its always said, but these pics really do him no real justice!...i have NEVER seen an IJ like him! or another carpet like him for that matter!...he is absolutely stunning...
1-6 of 6 Results