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ij jag
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    I have 3 unsexed cb12 IJ Jaguar siblings bred from a pure ij male to a 75% ij jag female 2 were slow starters and small for their age but all are now strike feeding on mice Free to good homes Collection from plymouth pl1, I do not have time to deliver kam
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    cb12 IJ jags 88% 2 males left, £50 each. feeding on mice, pictures to follow, collection from plymouth devon, also have sibs for £20 kam
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    this little fella is really starting to come into his own now! he is a 2012 but was a real tricky feeder for months! but he now hammers small/medium mice and is finally starting to gain a bit of size....I really cant wait until he is older, I think he is going to look amazing!
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    Well my snake collection is almost complete. Today I took delivery of my new arrival - a male IJ Jag. I've been after one of these guys for about 3 years now and have finally got one. Many many thanks to -k- on here for being kind enough to deliver him to me on his way past. Top guy, highly...
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    He was out for a mooch last night so just some quick phone camera pics... He's coming on nicely. Tends to strike feed rat fuzzies from his highest vantage point now!
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    Well 'Little Ern' has had his first shed with me on Friday, so I thought it only right to do some post shed pics ! :mf_dribble: I took some with and some without flash for comparison more than anything. Tried to get some different 'extended' as well as coiled shots too. This little fellas a...
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    well i had the camera handy, and was checking out the reps...and these three were looking particularly photogenic, so grabbed a few snaps :) so first daughters carolina corn, pretty wee chap...and loads of attitude! shed (eyes just clearing) next beautiful...
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    these guys have settled in great!...both have fed, and both have darkened up so think they are starting to go into shed....cant wait to see these two in a month or two once they have a bit more weight on them (they are a little slim for my liking) the jungle jag has the sweetest tempremant! and...
1-8 of 8 Results