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incubator advice
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  1. Breeding
    Thing is, my house power got cut last night (it's very early spring here and at night temperatures drop quite much) as I was sleeping, my incubator (Zoomed ReptiBator) went off with 3 fertile leopard gecko eggs, and I didn't realize until I woke up, 3 fertile eggs dropped from 27° (Celsius) to...
  2. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi all, I'd like to get into reptile breeding - In particular pythons and geckos and was wondering which incubator is the best value for money and provides the best stability with temperature and humidity. I've been looking through the 4 they have on Swell Reptile - Swell Egg Incubator, Lucky...
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, I have been thinking of converting a drinks fridge to an incubator (something like this Horeca Select Undercounter Chiller MC88 - What's the best way of doing that? Is it just to put a heat map with a thermostat? Or are there more/better things to do? Do you think you can...
  4. Breeding
    My female GTP has ovulated, gone blue and I'm thinking now of incubation. Something off the shelf preferable. Any recommendations please? The Zoomed Reptibator looks like it *might* be up to the task. Advice welcome please.
  5. Lizards
    Hi I'm trying to get an incubator made up; So far I have; A poly-box with a lid A digital thermometer/hygrometer with probes A thermostat for heat mat Ikea 17 piece Tupperware set from amazon (various sizes) Vermiculite One last thing I need to order is a heat mat, just have a couple of...
  6. Snakes
    i have been using habistats for 2 years now and not really impressed with them they don't keep the temp they don't seem to give enough power the the heat mats/cable and finely don't like the interface i want something with a digital screen and you can set different temps at night i plan...
  7. Snakes
    Hi all, I have a couple of questions about the S.I.M. XL incubator boxes... Firstly does anyone use them for python eggs? If so, roughly how many eggs (carpet python) can you fit in each box - ie how many would you recommend buying per expected clutch of eggs? And finally do you prefer them...
  8. Breeding
    I am looking at getting a new incubator, but am unsure which to purchase. Does anybody have any particular favourites, or ones they think should be avoided?
  9. Breeding
    hi, managed to get an old fridge to turn into an incubator, have read a few threads but any advice would be welcome i.e heating, ventilation etc, cheers : victory:
  10. Breeding
    I am writing for my son & his pregnant mountain horned lizard 'buddy'. Although we have lots of pets, we are new to lizards. Same old story...boy falls in love w/MHD, mom lets him bring her home...and she is pregnant. Apparently from reading your forums this is very comon with this type of...
  11. Breeding
    have a poly box incubator with all the bits working. question is all the videos I've seen on youtube have water in the bottom of the incubator to produce the humidity, and if using a heat mat or other this is not practical is the humidity produced by the water in the vermiculite is there a...
  12. Breeding
    Hey guys. I have a gravid pastel 2kg royal and would like to sort out a reliable incubator for her eggs. I've sourced a 3foot(ish) fridge as, after doing a little research, my plan was to gut the cooling elements and install heat tape (such as flex watt), a couple of pc fans, a good stat and...
  13. Breeding
    Hi, i'm buying a fridge to use as an incubator and want to remove all the guts compresser and such. was just wondering if anyone knows the best way to do this safely. I've heard its illegal to vent the gas without being licensed to remove it. Is this true? any help or advice on the way you did...
  14. Breeding
    Hi, Im looking into buying some incubators for next years breeding (leos, chameleons, wonder geckos & royals) what are the better ones to go for? Any advice would be great, Thanks Kat
  15. Breeding
    I have a spare 2ft glass viv and was wondering if I could use it for a beardie incubator.Can i use a heat lamp on a stat or does it have to be a heat mat.Thanks
1-15 of 15 Results