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indian python
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    I'm looking for Juvenile or adult Indian python, either sex. I would consider a pair, or if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    true indian python comes with cites and chip pm me email ad for pics shes tame and perfect thanks
  3. Snakes
    just seen 1 of these on burmjunkies,lovely snakes! has any1 owned any or does any1 have any at the moment? + what can u tell me about them? beautiful snakes :) just curious thats all :)
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    Just testing water really Ive always loved these guys putting out feelers on price ect to see whats available, as with the Yellow Im in no rush just getting price n temp right I want this guy as a pet so habitability is my main goal not impulse buy. Not after Molurus Bivittus (Burm) which is a...
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    I have a pure Molurus Molurus Female that is ready for breeding this year. Only problem is i need a male to go with her. Anyone with a male that has paperwork and is willing to stud him get in touch. 50/50 split on clutch if and when then hatch. PM me if you know of or have a male Indian...
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    Hi everybody, im after a stud male to breed my Indian python with. It must be D.E.F.R.A registered and be a pure molurus molurus. Would be willing to pay for the service, i would sort out all the cities paperwork, she just needs a man. Cheers:2thumb:
  7. Breeding
    i Need help to find a male Indian python to breed with my female. Needs o be pure molurus molurus with papers. willing to pay for the service. can contact me on 07810750089 as she is in brumation at the mo.:notworthy:
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    I am selling my true Indian to make room for other breeding projects, he is over 4 ft long and a nice chunky body. He comes with cites papers and microchipped in accordance with his papers. He is dog tame and eats and sheds fine everytime. He also comes with a 4x2x2 viv ceramic heater...
  9. Snakes
    I have a true Indian male for sale 20 months old and 4.5 ft long, he has CITES paperwork and is chipped as part of his licence, eats and sheds fine and is very tame in and out of his viv. He comes with a 4x2x2 viv with thermostat controlled ceramic heater, uv bulb and all accessories for a full...
1-9 of 9 Results