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    I have 3,1 Eastern Indigos (Drymarchon couperi), born June/July 2017 for sale. Handover at Houten Snakeday in October is possible (deposit required) or pickup near Nuremberg/Germany. Pair: £1500 (female has a tiny(!) bump on its back); Single males are £ 700/each
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    Hi guys :) I am getting a young Eastern Indigo snake and I am having trouble with choosing vivarium specifications and finding a decent care sheet. I am doing a lot of research and other than The Association of Zoos and Aquariums information booklet and a few US breeder websites, I am having...
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    I have for sale one Male UK CB14 Florida Indigo Snake. Reason for sale is I had to purchase a pair from the breeder but only require the female as I have two other males already. Please no time wasters. Any messages please PM me.
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    Indigo yellow tail available. Export South America Only professionals and authorissed importers Big reptiles and amphibians list available
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    look for an indigo snake message me if you have any?
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    Hi all, I have an adult proven pair of Indigo snakes for sale. I would prefer them to stay in the UK as I am not able to travel to hamm or houten. Please note that I DO NOT come on here anymore so please message me via e mail at [email protected] Thank you. Pics on request
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    For sale is my much loved male Eastern Indigo snake, approx 2 years old and 4 feet long, very tame, sheds fine and eats like a pig :) Comes with a 4 feet vivarium with 150 watt heat bulb and heat mat controlled by a Habistat day/night pulse thermostat (top of the range) and a Microclimate b2me...
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    I'm currently on the lookout for Masticophis and Drymarchon species!
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    why dont we see many indigo snakes for sale? in this day and age when what were once rare and sourt after snakes are now common in captivity due to captive breeding? did indigos just not capture anyone imagination?(apart from me?!) it cant be a price thing-when retics and royals bred in colours...
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    Well after ages promising to take more pics of my gorgeous Indigo snake, i finally took more pics today, sorry for the crappy background but if i put him down he will be away, he doesnt sit still lol. Before i put up the pics i ask again, has anyone else on the forum whos in the UK got an...
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    Female indigo for sale about 6ft long very tame Please call if intersted Darren 07860 554782
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    to anyone who is willing to read this. i am thinking of getting an eastern indigo snake but information on the internet is vague and i would like to know more about them, so if you can think of any information please post. many thanks
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    When i was putting up the pics of my Indigo snake i had a thought about how you never see pics of true Florida Indigos on this forum, and i just wondered, is there anyone else on here who keeps them? and if so why dont we see more pics, cause they are gorgeous snakes :) Oh and here is a cheeky...
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    hi guys ive got a fabulous male indigo and as you know they are hard to come by. I am looking for anyone who has a female and would like to breed with my male.please contact me, many thanks
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    male indigo wanted Good money paid Please get in touch, Darren 07860 554782
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    I have a female indigo for sale! Eats like a pig! And poos well too
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    Hi I have decided to let my male Eastern/ Florida Indigo Snake go. He is approx 3ft in length, very tame. I will be attending the Kempton show this Sunday so could bring him along if someone wanted to buy & collect him there. I'm looking for £300 Ono for him. I will post some pictures up of...
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    A bit of a long shot but any Indigo snakes available please PM me. Anything from the Drymarchon genus will be of interest. Have car so can travel. Cheers, Owen
  19. Snake Pictures
    Hi Guys and Gals, Following the recent thread about Indigos, i thought i would take some upto date pics of my wee boy, so got him out for a play and he actually stayed still long enough to get a couple of decent shots :)
1-19 of 28 Results