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  1. Lizards
    which of the less common feeders are safe for regular eating (more than just a treat) which of the worms etc ? want to add more variety than roaches locusts and mealworms. hate crickets. cheers
  2. Lizards
    Hello! I am looking for a good beginner reptile. I have a few criteria though: 1. It has to be a beginner reptile (I know that there really isn't a "beginner" reptile but you know what I mean) 2. Can tolerate over 50% humidity (where I live, it is usually this humid according to my hydrometer)...
  3. Lizards
    Hey , saw some random tv show where a reptile business had frozen bugs in his freezer. Is this ok to do ? I mean we do it for snakes. Us etc . Seen there are places that sell them,. But even if could buy healthy tubs of crickets, fresh , then freeze . would make them last rather than go all...
  4. Lizards
    Hi I own a 4 months old crested gecko for about a month. I feed him/her Pangea banana and papaya flavor. I decided I’m going to start and feed him/her some live insects to help it grow healthier. My question is, which should I pick? I do want him/her to put on some weight as he/she doesn’t eat...
  5. Invert Classifieds
    SCORPIONS: Scorpio maurus (Large Clawed) £15 Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest) Unsexed £20 Hadrurus arizonensis (Desert Hairy) Males £30 Each Heterometrus laoticus (Laos Forest Scorpion) SEXED PAIR £40 Vaejovis Spinigerus (Stripe-tailed scorpion) (x1 Available) £20 SPIDERLINGS LESS...
  6. Invert Classifieds
    Inverts for display at a Nature Reserve I volunteer at Warnham Local Nature Reserve in SE England and I'm trying to promote awareness of inverts to visitors there, because I love insects and want everyone to understand their crucial roles in our ecosystems. We only have harvest mice in the...
  7. Newbie Advice
    Hi I am getting my first Chinese Water Dragon in a few weeks. This is my first lizard but I am prepared to provide it everything it needs to have a healthy, happy life. I was wondering what kinds of insects to feed it. I have done some research and apparently there are some good staples like...
  8. Spiders and Inverts
    hi, a week ago I got two baby Indian stick insects. I have been giving them privet to eat but I don't think they are eating any. how much should they be eating?
  9. Invert Classifieds
    For sale at the doncaster show next Sunday 20th Geckos -Crested geckos (mix of dalmatian, harlequin, partial pin, brindle, Tiger) 23 older babies 6-10 months old, getting quite large now £30 each or 10 for £250 or all 23 for £450 26 smaller babies 8-12 weeks old £25 each or 10 for £200 or...
  10. Spiders and Inverts
    1st little Indian stick insects feel a little sad its a feeder bug
  11. Reptile Couriers
    Pet Moves next Courier Run for Exotic pet keepers covering the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and Guernsey and Jersey on July 20th. Please note we only courier animals and equipment NOT general freight. All our vans are under a year old and have heated cabinets using ceramic heaters and...
  12. Lizards
    Hey guys, thanks for reading my post first of all! Our 10 Month Beardie has decided that he doesn't want to eat his bugs at the moment. In addition, he is also glass surfing a lot. He's eating all of his salad and is generally not showing signs of stress (always nice bright colours, no stress...
  13. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    This is a must for all bug enthusiasts, we will be there along with many other traders so do make it along for some bug bargains :2thumb:
  14. Invert Classifieds
    Hi All Ok we have just updated the website and have loads of inverts available (as always :) )like;- Mantids – All at least 4th instar we don’t believe in selling them below 3rds due to a higher mortality rate at the smaller sizes. Sphodromantis lineola £6, Phyllocrania £6, Hierodula majuscula...
  15. Spiders and Inverts
    I've had a look and can't seem to find another thread like this, so I'm starting my own! Firstly, I really like live planted vivs; my leachie is in one with springtails and domestic woodlice as a cleanup crew, and I'm also doing a big live planted dart frog tank which will have a similar...
  16. Invert Classifieds
    Real Life Bugs & Insects magazine collection. Issues 1 - 46 All magazines, cases and insects present and in good condition. Retail price is £5.99 each (£275.54) but i'm selling the collection at £150 (ono). Collection only due to size. Email: [email protected]
  17. Feeder
    Just curious, even though I don't own any type of chameleon, what are some good insects to supplement their diet with when they become "bored" with the ones currently being fed to them?
  18. Invert Classifieds
    Hi All OK nearly time for the mega show at Donny :) We will be there with loads of inverts like ;- Sub adult ghosts at only £10 Pamphobeteus sp. "machala" - £12 Monocentropus balfouri - £15 Pandinus imperator - £20 Lots of other stock of Beetles, mantids, grasshoppers, stick insects...
  19. Spider and Invert Pictures
    Hi All, Its been a while! Here are a few pics I have taken out and about this year! There are more pics in my gallery! Here.... Cymru-Photography
1-19 of 160 Results