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iphone 4
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    **Will be available in approx 2 weeks as iPhone 5 on order from Orange** iPhone 4 complete with Cygnett urban shield case and Griffin Anti glare screen protector Less than 2 months old in immaculate condition Upgraded to iOS6 Will be unlocked ready for use Apple headphones and charger...
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    I've got an iPhone 4 for sale. Just had front and back screens redone on it. Only thing up with it is the vibrate doesn't work. Everything else works perfectly. Selling as I upgraded. Any questions please PM me.
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    here i have an iphone 4 thats locked to o2, it works with other sims that use o2's network for example GiffGaff. im looking for £200 for it comes with a Brand new screen so ZERO scratches its currently running on iOS 6.0.1 you can unlock to ANY network if you talk to o2 they will unlock it...
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    Hi i am looking for an IPhone 4, 4s preferably on Vodafone or on a contract that has ended so they will happily transfer network (bear that in mind of price i know some charge) Prefer to collect Southampton, Bournemouth and surrounding areas. Not wanting to pay more than £200 and not fussed on...
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    Seliing my iPhone, only had it months cause I got an insurance claim on losing my old one (oops!). Anyway, due my upgrade, still got the box and a protective cover, will come with an unopened Vodafone pay as you go microsim and restored to factory settings, comment or pm if interested, cheers!
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    iPhone 4/4s hard cases for sale (brand new) £3 each! Black x2, White x4, Hot Pink x2, Baby Pink x3, Yellow x2, Red x2, Blue x2, Purple x2, Green x2, Turquoise x2 See picture for example. Paypal Only.
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    Hi, for sale my iphone 4 32gb in black. Its on o2 not sure whether would take another network, if not only need unlocking (bout £20 to do). Its in mint condition with box, insructions charger ect. Literally like brand new. Wanting £300 wont take any less, one like this is around and above £400...
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    hi there due to getting my iphone 4s delivered tomorrow on an upgrade i thought i would offer my phone on here before i put it on ebay after christmas , its in good condition ,its a 16gb Black, it just has a couple of tiny scratches on the screen that are hardly noticeable , pm me for details ...
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    Here we have my iphone 4, 16gb , on o2 network, It has a perfect unmarked front screen, had the screen protector on from word go, infact it will come with it attached, simply peel off to reveal the perfect screen..the back does show signs of wear and tear, slight scratches/marks... Boxed...
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    This is ex-display (was on display for 3 months) and is like new. It has been Jailbreak for resale. Will work on any network and will require your own microsim. Will set up and activate for you to demonstrate it all working. Comes with charger, usb lead & simtray removal tool. PM me if...
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    This is brand new and has only been opened to Jailbreak for resale. Will work on any network and will require your own microsim. Will set up and activate for you to demonstrate it all working. Comes with box, charger, usb lead & simtray removal tool. PM me if interested please
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    I went against better judgement and got an Iphone 4 as an upgrade, and i cant change it, i absolutely hate it with a passion!!! Its less than 24 hours old, and the shop dont do a 14 day cooling off period, so there is nothing i can do about it now! There is nothing wrong with the phone, other...
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    I have a Iphone4 32GB bran new in box, unlocked to any network... pm me for further details :)
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    Description I have a black/black elements Vapor 4 boxed and brand new. Also included is a used carbon fibre style m3 rear sticker. These sell for £49.99 on without the carbon...
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    I have an iphone 4 on orange for sale,i bought it about 3 weeks ago,i bought it on PAYG for £510 inc £10 credit,i also bought a £15 itunes voucher of which i have spent 99p downloading 1 song,it hasn't left my house and has only been used to try out.I have bought a silicone skin and a leather...
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    Anyone interested in a micro sim card clipper? cut down your standard 3g sim card to fit iphone 4 or ipad...comes with adapter to make micro sim back to original size....£6 inc del............or send me your sim and i will clip it and send it back with an adapter via rec for £2.50
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    For Sale Iphone 4 - 16GB Brand new in box on orange. I got this upgrade this afternoon but I need money as Im getting Married in 8 weeks and money is more important than a new phone. I can Jailbreak this and unlock to all networks if required but I would need to open the box to do this. No...
1-17 of 22 Results