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iran jaya jungle jag
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    female '13 irian jaya jungle jag ,approx 5 foot maybe a bit more. superb feeder currently on small rats . very tame nature ,very occasionally flighty but let me be clear this isnt code for snappy,she has never bitten once or ever shown least hint of aggression,very sweet snake likes a climb...
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    hi iv got two females for sale they were none feeders but are now eating like pigs im after £40 each or you can have the two for £70 i was gona keep them but iv got two many and i only bought them to get them feeding
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    I have 2 2011 Jungle Jags for sale 1x Iran Jaya jungle jag with beautiful white markings = £195 and 1x sibling to the above with slightly darker colours. = £85 they are about 14 inches long (geussing) and are eating and shedding great. handleable when being held but as Jungle Jags...
1-3 of 3 Results