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irian jaya carpet python
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    Hello guys, this is my Irian jaya carpet python, hope you enjoy the video :2thumb: :lol2:
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    I am selling my male CB11 Irian Jaya carpet python. He is approx 6ft long, in good health, eats, sheds and defecates as he should do. He is very docile and easy to handle. He is currently in a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft walnut viv which I can sell for an additional £50, it is in very good condition and...
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    Late CB12 male diamond jungle irian jaya. Beautiful snake, getting more yellow with each shed. Healthy and doing everything he should. Good temperament. No viv as part of a stack. Can deliver. Will courier at buyers arrangement. Any questions please ask. Will consider trade for Royal...
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    Male diamond jungle irian jaya carpet python. Great temperament. Healthy and doing everything he should. Getting more yellow with every shed. Any questions, please ask.
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    Due to home circumstances, cutting back slightly. Available is this proven female Irian Jaya carpet python. A tractable animal, great temperament, fantastic appetite, and a good looking snake. She is approx. 6 years old. Laid a clutch of 10 perfect eggs, with no slugs this year. I will be...
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    Hi I am selling my male irian jaya carpet python, he is close to 2 years old and is roughly 31/2-4 feet in length. Photo_zps22d392bb.jpg Photo by mikroberts | Photobucket Photo_zps39f187ef.jpg Photo by mikroberts | Photobucket Photo_zpsb190f075.jpg Photo by mikroberts | Photobucket. please...
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    I am considering selling Flash. He is a late CB12 diamond jungle irian jaya carpet python. He was a slow starter but is now happily eating small rat weaners; he is around the 3ft mark. He does have a scar on his belly near his tail (don't know what it's from as he had it when I bought him) which...
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    Hey guys im selling my stunning male irian jaya, he has brought me lots of joy and im sad to be selling but due to accomadation I have to sell. Please private message me if ur interested, I am able to delivery if ur close or ur welcome to pick up as well im happy with using a courier service. He...
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    Woke up to a nice surprise from my Irian Jaya today! My timing was way off on this one, so I was caught off guard! She's a first timer, but from the looks of things she's done well! Looks a nice sized clutch. I'll be pulling it soon. : victory: She was paired to a stunning AC line Irian Jaya.
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    Hello my friends. I m new to this forum. I would like to ask about Irian Jaya Carpet pythons growth rate (length/weight). Mine is 1.5 years old (female), lenght is 1.30 meters and weight is 400 gram. Whats your opinion about the measurement? I m worried, do you consider her thin and small? I...
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    CB13 MALE IRIAN JAYA CARPET PYTHON WANTED, can pick up west midlands area. if anyone has one please let me know how much you want, [email protected] or 07804207189, regards.
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    I have for a offer a beautiful Irian Jaya Carpet Python for swap, she fully grown adult female CB2012 (6ft) great to handle. She brilliant starter snake for anyone or for anyone experience with typical Irian Jaya Carpet characteristics. Would anyone be interested doing a complete swap ? I've...
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    I have forsale my 2009 Irian jaya het granite male from the original Pete Nuyten line., he is a great snake and does everything he should, poos regularly and sheds in one peace im only selling as he no longer fits into my plans, hes about 5 1/2 foot long and is easy handle can deliver within reason
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    :welcome: CB13 Pure Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons Hatched on 23/04/2013 ******* All feeding by drop feed really well Pooping and Shedding All 5 Sexed as Female by popping Come grab yourself an absolute bargain! £40 ONLY!!! :gasp: :gasp: :gasp: £10 Non-Refundable deposit via PayPal...
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    Hi there I am selling my 2005 Irian jaya carpet male as he no longer fits into my breeding plans moving forward. He bred with my female last year and successfully fathered a clutch of 15x young. He sheds / eats / poos etc well and is tame as has been (up until recently) regularly handled...
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    Hi, I am selling up my snakes and have the below for sale. Prices are not fixed so make me an offer.:2thumb: I have for sale 1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons 08. Female is high Yellow and male is a normal. Pic is of the female and will get a pic of the male when he is out of blue. Both on medium...
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    I am looking to sell my Carpet Python as I dont have the time or space for it, has not been probed but I bought as a female. I am looking for £175 for her but open to sensible offers. Buyer must pick up from Sedbergh, Cumbria. I only have a picture of her when she was a hatchling but can get a...
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    This is Luna, she's a very nosey character, always seems to be watching what's going on in the reptile room from the front of her viv :2thumb:
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    Here's some of my collection, enjoy :) Luna, my IJ; My female het piebald; Jafar, 50% CA BCI; Mylo, snow corn.. He absolutely loves the piece of cork bark in the photo, he only comes out of it to poo, drink and occasionally he'll come out to feed. The last of my hatchie blizzards, this...
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    I was just wondering, the last recorded shed of my IJ carpet python is november last year, he's 10 months and 2.5 foot long. Bit worried he's not shed in so long And a pic just for fun. Damn glare.
1-20 of 59 Results