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irian jaya carpet
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    Female 2010 bredli carpet python 7ft breeding age. 88% Iran jaya jungle jag carpet python male breeding age 2012. 2013 diamond sib carpet python high white, male high percentage diamond sib carpet python 2012, would make a great breeding pair next year. All with their own 4ft x 2ft vivarium...
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    Unfortunately due to space constraints we need to focus on specific projects so have to let go of these stunners. All are well grown on and good feeders in great condition. These can be brought to Doncaster or Houten shows or couriered at buyers expense. PM if you need any more info. 2010...
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    an absolutely stunning yearling ij x jag carpet python, lovely colours and a nice size. ok temperament, but is sometimes a bit viv-defensive but once out is a fairly docile snake. has settled and calmed down quickly since we got him about 3 months ago, and is taming by the day. already feeds on...
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    Its been a while since I've posted some proper pictures of him, so here he is, a few pictures of when I got him last year and some fairly recent shots. Now for the more recent pictures He was in shed in this picture And after looking fresh again And finally his new...
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    So after separating my male and female carpet pythons for a month, I decided to put them in together to see if they'll breed. With having no luck in previous weeks I thought they would just sit together, as they normally do. However, to my surprise after 15 minutes of being together they were...
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    How would you say the temperament of an IJ or a jungle compares to that of a bredli? My bredli has calmed down very quickly and is now nice and calm; is this the same for other carpets? Thanks in advance :)
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    Female Irian Jaya Carpet Python for sale. She is a very good eater, poos and sheds fine. Great temperament. Trying to clear space, need her gone fast. Message me or phone on 01622 200292
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    I've had my corn for 2 years now, and I love her to bits, but I've always had a fascination for big snakes. Common boas are lovely, however a little too chunky and require a large enclosure... Royals are one of my favourite snake, and I am considering getting one. I never really considered a...
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    This lady is a nightmare to take shots of she just won't stay still !! anyway a couple of nice head shots hope you like : victory: Think she wanted to hide in the slighlty over flowing toy box lol : victory:
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    1 year old male irian jaya carpet python, nearly 4ft long still very slender, feeds well, sheds well, nice and calm never bitten. £60 pm for pics
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    We have just secured another order of vivariums! Made from 22mm wood we consider these to be excellent value for money available in walnut and light oak only sizes available are listed below 2ftx15x18 3ftx15x18 4ftx15x18 £45 £55...
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    Here are some '09 Irian Jaya's I produced, slowly getting more and more colorful. I really need to use my "real" camera :lol2: They really are more yellow than this, its close, but not quite right compared to sunlight Anyway, hope you like
1-12 of 12 Results