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irian jaya jag
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    Hey iv got a believed male Irian jaya jag that doesn't fit into my plans anymore so I'm looking for a swap for colubrids maybe a pair of hoggies may take some spotted pythons or children's python, stimsons python give me your offers on colubrids! Irian jaya jag is doing everything he should be...
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    I've got my Irian Jaya Jag carpet python for swap he's around 4-5 years, and about 5 foot and is a male, eats and sheds fine has a brilliant temperament. Would be willing to swap for monitors and setup, frilly and setup, retics and setup, blood python and setup, bredlis python and setup...
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    My new male Irian Jaya Jaguar Carpet Python=]
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    Probed Female, IJ Jungle Jag Carpet Python. Pounds almost anything food wise, She is being fed on D/F Rat pups/fluffs/ or medium/ large mice. Eats, sheds, poops fine. Beautiful girl with bright yellow coloring and a fairly easy temperament. Obviously she can be snappy, but what carpet...
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    Due to moving abroad I am selling the following... Both CB 2011 Female Irian Jaya Jag Carpet Python bred by Bladeblaster Herps, beautiful bright colours, great feeder and sheds perfectly. £160 Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa, same as above(feeding and shedding), £80 Both for £200. Cheers ...
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    Probed male Eats anything dangled infront of him:lol2: Approx 2.5-3FT Only selling as im concentrating on my collection of boa's Really bright boy Calmed down a lot since i've had him as I handle him daily, can occasionally be snappy when i enter the viv but fine once out. Will only...
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    Beautiful Irian Jaya Jaguar Carpet Python available. Perfect health, never missed a feed, and going through a growth spurt. Bred by Bladeblaster Herps (CB2011). The yellow colour of her is incredible in person, pictures do not justice to these stunning snakes. She is feisty and needs an owner...
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    Hello! I have some irian jaya jag and sibling babies. Cb11 bred by me. Hatched 13.7.11. Eating perfectly, either strike feed, or left in. Typical baby carpet temperment, will calm down with handling. Any other questions please pm me. £150. £70 - LAST ONE! And, this one is...
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    after a cb11 irian jaya jag or similar..........mess me plz:whistling2:
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    I'm looking to trade the following Royal for either - An Adult FEMALE Irian Jaya Jag, my preferable option, any percentage or an Adult FEMALE Pure Irian Jaya. The trade is for - a CB10 Male Fire Royal Weighed in at 630g last time and has fed twice since. Is around 3ft (1m give or take) in...
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    Here's Hendrix my Irian jaya jag carpet python: And one of his Setup: More pics to come
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    Hi I am new hear so I just wanted to post some pics of my carpet pythons. First my Bredlis python 75% Irian Jaya Jag Irian Jaya Sib Thanks for looking.
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    two more new additions! a beautiful male Jungle Jag, and a beautiful male Irian Jaya Jag! i was really after female jags...but i guess this just means i will need more female carpets! :lol2:...also got a female Irian Jaya but couldnt get any good pics of her at all!!...really pleased with these...
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    just putting the feelers out to see whats available! i am after a female coastal or IJ jag...preferably a youngster no older than 08....and would have to be sensibly priced, PM me if you know of any available, i dont have the funds at the moment but need to know rough guide prices so i can get...
1-15 of 15 Results