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    Reducing collection, due to life commitments, so have some quality snakes to find new homes. Adult Males Firemon £120 1500g Albino £120 1400g Enchi £60 1300g Sub Adult Males Citrus inferno (5gene snake) £250 950g Jigsaw £100 800g Superstripe £150 900g Ivory £200 900g Spector £100 780g...
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    Got some royals for sale All are eating defrost rats unless stated 2017 & 2018 hatchlings were bred by myself I can arrange courier at buyers expense Any pics I can send via pm,email or WhatsApp Happy to do payment plan etc 2018 (won’t be leaving until all feeding regularly for at least 10...
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    Captive bred only please and ideally available for collection in or near Hertfordshire
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    Ivory Female CB2012 (Imperial Retics purchased for £1700.00 ) Python Reticulatus Should be Ready to Breed by the end of the year, 13ft. Ivory Male CB2012 (Imperial Retics purchased for £1600.00 ) Python Reticulatus proven bredder, 10ft. Selling both for 2700.00 The price is very attractive as...
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    Available for Hamm adult males and females 2014 1.0 Super cinnamon weight 1093g , £400 2012 , 1.0banana cinny spider, feeding on xl multies weight 1720g, £450 2015 0.1 enchi weight 956g ,£130 2014 0.1 lemon blast 1287g , £ 150 Available Cb17s 1.0 Banana ivory spider £350 ,215g 1.0...
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    As the title says really i'd like an ivory combo female but will consider nice yellow belly combos. Prefer to be of breeding weight or close too. Depending on price a may not be able to collect until 22nd November but hopefully much sooner. Please inbox weight, prices and photo's but i do seem...
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    Ultra ivory retic male (2015) never missed a feed and has a great temperament. May be able to deliver depending on where you are
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    As the title says I'm on the lookout for an adult female Ivory or a yellow belly combo Thanks :2thumb:
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    I have 2 retics for sale. Male motley 100% het albino, smashes food does all he should, around 7ft £200 Female ultra ivory tiger het albino smashes food tame and does all she should £400 Both snakes include are lovey just unforeseen circumstances force sale, both prices include courier to...
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    I have the following Royal Pythons available: Weighed 15th May 2017 Enchi £60, CB16, Female, 237g - can be a tricky feeder, small mice. Ivory £90, CB16, Female, 182g - can be a tricky feeder, small mice. Cinnamon £40, CB16, Female, 368g - Large/Jumbo Mice, drop feeds. Black Pastel £75...
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    Female Ivory Royal for sale £250 Bred by myself, she'll be 3 yrs old in Sept. Weight-1700g She takes defrost rats or mice she's not fussy (fasting at the moment) Lovely temprement. No trades/swaps thanks. Collection from Birmingham.
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    I have the following Royals available for sale, all are in perfect health and feeding well on defrost rats. I am located in the village of Freckleton (PR4 1XA) which is near Preston and Blackpool. If you require any photos please email [email protected] Adults and sub-adults 1.0...
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    female hypo 100 percent het albino 6ft+ £150 female ivory 100 percent het albino 5ft £200 will sell both for £250 no offers open to trades also will trade both for male ivory of similar size please dm for more info, thanks
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    I have a hatchling female ivory royal python available, weighs approx 116g. Nice temperament and good to handle. Eating, shedding and going to the toilet as should be. Collection only and please send me a private message if interested.
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    For sale I have my cb15 ultra Ivory tiger retic, she's smashing food and tame once she's out. She can come with 4x2x2 setup with heating and stat if asking price is paid if not can be added for extra.
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    CBUK16 BURMESE PYTHON STOCK Albino Granite Males £125 & Females £145 Pearl Granites Male and Female £225 Albino Ivory Granite Female £550 Ivory Granite Het Albino Male & Female £350 Hypo het Albino Female £125
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    selling up all but a few select animals from my collection. These are the last few to go:- all are females cb13 fire granite - £150 lesser pastel cb13 - £150 king pin cb13 - £150 proven pewter cb12 - £150 cb14 sable - £250 not many females around cb13 pastave - £200 cb14 cinnamon black...
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    Stunning example. Feeds on jumbo rat every 10 days.
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    Due to some unfortunate (and expensive) household expenditure, I am having to sell a few of my reticulated pythons. All the animals feed well and shed without problem. The snakes for sale are - CB15 female white albino genetic stripe. Originally from Bob Clark. £450 CB10-11 (from memory)...
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    2x retics for sale as I'm male heavy atm. Male Purple Albino Goldenchild Tiger (2014) £650 Vibrant colours and pattern, tiger is really nice and wave like where the white belly meets the purple. stunning animal, these as adults look v.special. pictures from young to most recent...
1-20 of 101 Results