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    Hi, at the moment my Jack Russell is quite itchy. Around spring and summer time he does sometimes get a rash kind of like eczema, which we have a cream which clears it away in a few days. He has been quite itchy the pass few days, and he doesn't have a rash like normal. We have checked him...
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    Hi, I have never posted in this section before, so I thought I would just post some pics of Max my Jack Russell Terrier Early morning being moody Begging for food Playing with his best friend (His Meerkat) He may look nice and cute, but trust me he is typical jack...
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    Hey guys, I just got my first baby this morning, she's a 4 month old Anerythristic corn and she is beautiful :) It's so nice to see her in the viv that I have had ready for her for the last week and she seems quite happy :') Has anynody else had this blessing recently or is going to soon...
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    Gorgeous puppies for sale. Lovely temperaments and lots of fun! Mum is a pedigree Shih Tzu, Dad is a miniture Jack Russell. 3 Girls, 2 Boys available. Ready 28th December £275 Email: [email protected] Phone: Bobby on 07979527544
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    I am trying to help a friend sell these... They are LE and in imaculate condition. I'd have them myself, but we're a bit broke at the moment *sad* They're £40 each or very near offer. PM for more info
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    So we appear to have acquired a new miniature Jack Russel puppy. :) His name's Harvey.
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    here is jack and hes 10 years old if u can believe it
1-8 of 8 Results