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    I am re-homing this guy for a friend i say guy but the sex is unknown, beautiful snake eats every time and sheds with no problem. Does show neurological issues that is renowned in this species, about 4ft long and is only suitable for a pet home, any further questions please get in touch.
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    For Sale: 2014 female caramel jag carpet. She is really stunning, the pictures don't do her justice. She eats, poops and sheds fine. She often sits on her branch and wait to come out... very tame. £150 o.n.o Can come in a Rub or one of the spare vivs I have. Vivs will be ok for her short...
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    Hi, Due to tragic circumstances and my inability to look after them, I've having to part with the following : 1 x female jag , around 5ft - £50 She's a good girl and not aggressive or bitey. 1 x male Kalatoa retic - £130 He's around 7ft, absolutely gorgeous boy. He's friendly and...
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    hey, Need to move these guys quick as im moving overseas soon, so I've dropped the prices even further. need to go ASAP. carpet pythons: £200 for all! -1.0. '13 37.5% diamond jungle jaguar (serpentime) £60 (really bad pic, hes more yellow, ill take a better pic soon) -1.0. '12 Jaguar 100%...
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    hey everyone, i have the following for sale: need very quick sale therefore very reduced prices. all are good and have no faults the only reason for the super low price is i need to move them ASAP. . no timewasters please. -0.1.0 2008 coastal x jungle 6ft £90 -1.0.0 '12 37.5% diamond...
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    Due to VERY unforeseen circumstances I have for sale my collection of snakes. I have a male 2012 Salmon Boa. Perfect in every way and is a big softie. Drop feeds fine and loves to come out. Second, a 2014 female jaguar carpet python. Eats and poops and sheds fine. A little hissy when...
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    hey everyone, i have the following for sale: need quick sale therefore reduced prices. or make me an offer. no timewasters please. -0.1.0 2007 50% diamond x jungle female 5/6ft £100 -0.1.0 2008 coastal x jungle 6ft £100 -1.0.0 2008 jungle male 5/6ft £80 (in shed atm) -1.0.0 '12 37.5%...
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    Hey, anyone hatching some high percentage jaya-jags this year? They seem to have vanished from the market. When's the best time to get hatchlings? Heading to Donny in June.. Cheers!
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    hey everyone, i have the following for sale: -0.1.0 2007 50% diamond x jungle female 5/6ft £120 -0.1.0 2008 coastal x jungle 6ft £120 -1.0.0 2008 jungle male 5/6ft £100 -1.0.0 '12 37.5% diamond jungle jaguar (serpentime) £150 -1.0.0 '12 Jaguar 100% Het Axanthic possible Caramel...
  10. Snakes
    Hi I am looking for help in understanding the genetics of the Jag hognose, has it been confirmed if this is co-dom, recessive or linebred trait? Picture of hatchling approx 2 weeks of age
  11. Snake Classifieds
    1.0.0 '12 37.5% diamond jungle jaguar from serpentime £150 - eats all the time, handles the best out of all my snakes very puppy dog tame touch his head whatever wont bite. very nice yellow has come through now pic doesn't do him justice. 1.0.0 '12 Jaguar 100% Het Axanthic possible...
  12. Snake Classifieds
    Various carpet morphs for sale all eating and shedding fine. These are well started hatchlings DOB 1/7/14 Collection from SE London area Jag £50 Caramel £85 Zebra £120 Zebra Jag £150 Zebra Caramel £250 Caramel Zebra Jag £400 Also have a clutch of bredlis pythons for sale £50 Caramel Zebra...
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    Hey, looking specifically for a hatchling Irian Jaya or Jaya-Jungle. Willing to wait for the right hatch! If anyone knows of any coming up at Doncaster please feel free to PM me. Cheers! Dom
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    i will be travelling from Carmarthenshire , west wales to Portland bill ,dorset on 2nd nov. if you`re interested in what I have for sale please pm me asap.
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    Bredli x Jag 0.1 '13 £100 Super Hypo Nicaraguan Boa 1.0 '13 £80 Both picked up at Doncaster show but due to financial situation I have to let them go :( The Bredli x Jag is gonna be a cracker! I was always a bit of a purist, but now I'm a hypocrite :whistling2: I was hoping to breed the...
  16. Snake Classifieds
    The two i have forsale are £125 each or £200 for the pair The first is my female diamond jungle jag, shes around 5 1/2 foot long, eats every 7-14 days without fail and sheds in one peace. She can be very food orientated but is good once out £125 ono The second is my proven 2010 Male...
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    Adult.male.jag £80 Adult.pinkfire crawl cay.boa £150
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    Hi, i have a selection of 20 carpet pythons for sale. born on the 21/6/14 from a caramel x caramel jaguar pairing. All individuals are feeding well on defrost fuzzies and have been sexed. normals / siblings £40 jaguars £60 caramels £100 caramel jags £200 super caramels £200 super caramel...
  19. Snakes
    Hi everyone. I'm wondering if someone can educate me on jag wobble? I'm getting an irian jaya jag this month and can't find much info online about it. How young are they generally when symptoms become apparent? Is it similar to a Spider Royal wobble as I have 2 and I'm used to how they are...
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    Adult male jaguar carpet python. Does all he should. £ on request, please send me your email address. Delivery may be possible for fuel cost.
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