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jaguar carpet
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    I have this little guy looking for a new home. Travelling for work over the next few months and need to re home a few animals. Not looking to gain financially, just a good home and £10 as a token of this. He is a little wobbly, but super pretty! Please call me on 07447481946 if interested.
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    I am selling my trio of zebra carpet pythons all were bred by MoreliaUK here on this forum. I am willing to sell them separately, I apologise in advance for the photos as they do not reflect the stunning colours of these animals which are some of the brightest carpets in the UK the true yellows...
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    Male 2012 (January) Jaguar Carpet Python He handles really well, never bitten me. Poops fine and has never missed a feed. He has a really beautiful pattern and colouration. I can email pics on request. Many Thanks.
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    Royals Male pastel 1.3g (proven) cb12 £120 Male poss phantom, selling as normal/dinker approx 5yrs £60 Boas: Female Nicaraguan approx 4yrs £40 Male Nicaraguan (proven and a very big boy for a Nic) cb09 £60 (the pair £90) Male...
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    Hey guys, recently purchased a caramel x jaguar carpet python, and he's a bit on the nippy side (as expected) i know with handling over time he should calm down, but was just wondering if anyone has any tips to make him feel more comfortable during our handling sessions, and what other methods...
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    PRIVATE SALE Nice looking jag carpet for sale sold to me as female still needs work handling she hisses and for the most part does not strike and calms down after a while normal for this species as babies....eats mice ,rats poops fine and sheds in one piece £90 can come with her arboreal...
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    this little fella is really starting to come into his own now! he is a 2012 but was a real tricky feeder for months! but he now hammers small/medium mice and is finally starting to gain a bit of size....I really cant wait until he is older, I think he is going to look amazing!
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    grabbed some pics of these two the other day, so thought I would share...first up is my adult male diamond jungle, just lots of head shots of him...they capture his inquisitive personality pretty well next up my huge irian jaya jaguar male!
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    Beautiful CB11 IJJCP for sale due to move abroad. Time is of the essence hence low price. She is a great feeder, sheds in one, defacates, etc... £135 ono More pictures on request but no time wasters please I am a very busy man at the moment. Will be in Plymouth/Torpoint 12th Aug to the 13...
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    well its my birthday at the end of this month, and as per the norm my other half asked what I wanted....and as per the norm, I had a few snakes that had caught my eye.....some of which were my friend Kams (K on here) baby IJ jags, so as she had a bit of extra dosh she said if I wanted one I...
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    Due to moving abroad I am selling the following... Both CB 2011 Female Irian Jaya Jag Carpet Python bred by Bladeblaster Herps, beautiful bright colours, great feeder and sheds perfectly. £160 Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa, same as above(feeding and shedding), £80 Both for £200. Cheers ...
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    I have a Jaguar carpet x macklots python for sale. It is a male, 3yrs old, eats, sheds and poo's fine. I am looking for £150 for him. Any other questions ask me either on here or email me at [email protected]
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    For sale I have some of my carpet python collection: First is a cb10 Reduced Pattern Papuan Jaguar Female £350 Second is a cb10 Diamond Jungle Jaguar Male £350 Parents are from the Paul Harris lines Both eating rats and growing like weeds. PM me for further details Pictures of them...
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    Hi there all, I hope you can share some advice on coastals :notworthy: Right a bit of an overview, I would consider myself a newbie as far as reptile keeping goes. I have kept three corns within my household however my brother now lives my dad. I have recently purchased a royal (zeus) he is...
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    WANTED: Jaguar carpet pythons (ONLY FEMALES) more than 4,5-5 ft
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    high yellow as can see in the picture jag x irian jaya female, great temperament. £140
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    Hello all on RFUK. On new year I purchased my third snake, a 2 year old male Jaguar carpet python. He is a lovely colour and my friend also purchased a female jungle from the same people, with possible plans in the far off future to breed. It was made clear that the Jaguar was snappy, which I...
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    09 male IJ carpet (produced by me was a holdback) stunning IJ very light and some great patterning!...great feeder on weaner rats £95 08 male IJ jaguar...gorgeous snake, does show SLIGHT neurological issues sometimes, but very minimal and only when first got out of the viv...tame, and...
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    well i had the camera handy, and was checking out the reps...and these three were looking particularly photogenic, so grabbed a few snaps :) so first daughters carolina corn, pretty wee chap...and loads of attitude! shed (eyes just clearing) next beautiful...
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    As title - looking for a female Jag. Have got a table at Kempton so.. Prefer something around 08/07 really. Cheers
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