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    I have 10 hatchlings left from this years clutches. New Guinea Jags - £70 Both Sexes Coastal Jags - £70 Both Sexes All babies are feeding and have had their 3rd sheds. I would be prepared to let all 10 go for GBP 500. If you would like pics or info please get in touch. No Swaps!
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    Hello folks, Just trying to guage any serious opinions on crossing the species above??? I have a pair of 6 year old Bredli who have been mating on and off for the last few days (16hrs solid on Thursday last week).they were cycled over winter and I am hopeful for hatchlings later this year...
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    My adult female. I was in 'shit shovelling' mode and she was sat on her hide box. So I opened the Viv and removed her and the box and put them on the drainer. She just sat there so I took some pics. That is why the camera was so close to hand when I got nailed by the nasicus later in the...
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    For sale. Morelia's (2004-2009): Granites Het granites jungle jaguars IrianJaya jaguars Red hypo jaguars Morelia s. cheynei IrianJaya jaguars 100% het granite mail us for prices. See also
1-4 of 4 Results