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    I have been searching without much luck for the last 2 years for some pure irian jaya carpet pythons, ideally with documented lineage or atleast some background, if anyone can help please get in contact. Also interested in pure coastals. Regards Martin
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    Hey, anyone hatching some high percentage jaya-jags this year? They seem to have vanished from the market. When's the best time to get hatchlings? Heading to Donny in June.. Cheers!
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    Hey, looking specifically for a hatchling Irian Jaya or Jaya-Jungle. Willing to wait for the right hatch! If anyone knows of any coming up at Doncaster please feel free to PM me. Cheers! Dom
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    Hi I have CB13 juvenile female pure Irian jaya carpet for sale £50 ( Hatched on 23/04/2013 ) I won't be able to keep reptiles from this Summer so I decided to let her go, I've kept about 7 months, feeding well, pooping and shedding well. Collection in London ( Westminster, Pimlico ) Photo on...
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    i will have 8 CB13 IJ Carpet Python's ready for sale once they have had 8 consecutive feeds All will come with feeding records and parents can be seen £50 Each, Trades considered
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    For sale I have my late 2011 female irian jaya she is probably the friendliest snake I've ever had and really don't wana get rid of her but unfortunately needs must and she is for sale :( she will make an excellent breeder in the future and will be an absolutely joy for anyone to own never...
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    I am selling a yearling/year and a half ling Female BRB EXCELLENT FEEDING RESPONSE With Full Setup:- 3ft Solid Back Dark Beech Vivarium Habistat Dimmer Thermostat Bulb and Attachments Etc. Some Hanging Plants Cork Bark All of this equipment is less than 6 months old, £180 the lot Irian...
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    Mum has 12 more IJ babies. These are 100% from IJ x IJ parents. All strike feeding easily on defrost. Whilst we are happy to pop and probe royals, we will not do these as they are a bit smaller. So they come unsexed. Prices are £60 each or will do a discount if you buy more than one...
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    Can I breed a jungle carpet python with a irian jaya python can anyone give me any advice.
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    Female* approx 3/4 years old.* Feeding on a med rat every 2 weeks.* £140. Picture can be emailed.
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    First my Sorong-type female. Almost 2 years and +400 grams but still totaly yellow. Very unusual for a Sorong-type but no problem for me, she can stay yellow if she wants.:whistling2: Second my 1 year ols Jayapura male, Jaya Touré This one is already green but still has a nice pattern. He...
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    I am selling my Pair of Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons plus Full set Up Male is around 6ft great feeder and is tame no problem with handling. Female is around 5ft also great feeder and is tame no problem with handling. The Vivarium is 6ft long 20 inches high n 2ft deep full ceramics and...
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    New thread from previous due to high demand I have 4 more for sale Mum and dad in pic below can be seen at my home. mum(left) is Iran Jaya Jungle Jag, Dad(right) is Diamond Jungle 50% These hatchlings are May 2011 feeding well on defrost. Mum and dad are my pets who I love...
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    What will i get from an irian jaya diamond jaguar and irian jaya 100% het granite pairing? Thanks :)
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    MALE CB2002 FEMALE CB2008 Feeds, Shed poops fine. :) £150 no offers :)
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    I am hoping to come back with either a Jungle, IJ or Bredli carpet when I go to the Doncaster show in November. I want to get the set up sorted before he/she comes back with me so I know everything is right. I was just wondering how carpet python owners find is the best way of keeping the...
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    :welcome: I have a baby IJ carpet python for sale, it is unsexed but a good feeder on fluffs, its a 2011 hatch, with nice colours, and a nice temperament. unfortunately, i have no photo due to poor computing skills and a bad camera. If you want more details, phone 01384 273540 before 5:30 pm...
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    Stunning looking 2009 female iryan jaya carpet, great strong feeder on rats and shedding and poos like clockwork. Buyer to collect of will courier, she is from precision reptiles renowned for there quality. :flrt: By paul890 at 2011-02-04 By paul890 at 2011-04-21
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    :D what is says on the title :)
1-20 of 31 Results