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  1. EU Shows
    Exactly as the title says guys and gals..... Anyone interested should PM us ASAP..... I'm not creating a thirty page thread based on the same questions. So anyone interested simply drop us a PM and we'll be happy to help. Jim.
  2. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Already booking up quickly there are a few seats left if anyone is interested feel free to get in touch on 08720744882 Date of show: 8th September Date of departure: 7th September 7pm from Lincoln Date of return: 9th September ( early AM ) Additional pickup points: Birchanger, Thurrock...
  3. Snakes
    Yet again, i went down to JC Exotics in Lincoln to my good friends Graz and Jim. Took them a pueblan milk snake, and brought home a nice new boa baby produced by them. I've only took a couple of pictures from my phone as i was putting him in his new housing yesterday, but here he is. Cute...
  4. EU Shows
    Well looks like i've been convinced to do it again :lol2: Anyone wanting to come with there are seats left, price per person is £115 This covers: Coach Shuttle Show admission Gift bag on the coach Pickup points as always are Lincoln, Birchanger, Thurrock & Folkestone PM Myself, Graz, or...
  5. Lizard Pictures
    Not long got back from my trip to Hamm, first of all a massive thanks to the JC Exotics crew who organised a fantastic coach trip, I shall definitely be going on that again! For my first Hamm show it was quite an experience, and it ruined my feet with the amount of walking! haha Down to...
  6. EU Shows
    Here we go again folks! Departing from sunny Lincoln on the 9th of March at 7pm and winging our way past the following pickup points: Birchanger Thurrock Folkestone The price for this is £110.00 per person, and includes: Coach ( executive coach, with toilet, aircon, seatbelts, DVD player...
  7. Equipment & Supplies
    just been browsing thruw the net found a place Jc exotics at Lincoln thinking off making a trip up there has any one been before if so can you tell me what its like
  8. Snake Pictures
    Just picked this pair up yesterday from JC Exotics in Lincoln (cheers Jim and Graz!) First up is the female. These are from when i got home - the 9L RUB isn't it's home - it was just while i put some holes in a 64L RUB for their temp home. Now the male. Real happy...
  9. Snakes
    Just bought 1.1 El Salvador Boa's. They're gorgeous! Just got home now, and about to put them in their new temporary home, pictures to follow (when i get the out to put in the new home!) Thanks Graz and Jim! EDIT: I also got tagged by their adult male scrub, tasty. Pictures of that to follow...
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    Got a design finished this weekend, exclusive to ourselves, feedback is gratefully recieved.
  11. Snakes
    does anyone if jc exotics in lincoln has moved or sold up went to go get some food today and the shop wasnt there If anybody could help that would be great thanks
1-11 of 11 Results