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  1. Snakes
    A friend of a friend is selling a couple of boas one of them is a common, the other one I have been told is 'some sort of pastel'. I have been sent a picture and wouldn't mind some input. Assuming that this is a pastel, how much would it be worth. it is a 2007 male. Thanks, David.
  2. Feeder
    Has anyone set up a CO2 chamber from their gas hob somehow? I'm trying to save money and was wondering if anyone has tried it/managed to do it? Cheers, Jenn
  3. Snakes
    Anyone else watch this progam on Nat Geo Wild Tonight? He found what he called a "Dwarf Boa". It was probably only about a foot long and he said it would not grow any/much bigger. Im not sure where he was, although i think it was somewhere in Africa and fed on small lizards that seemed to spend...
1-3 of 6 Results