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  1. Snake Pictures
    Well fairly new. Picked this little 88% JJag dude up at the beginning of January at around 6months old. To say he was a bit feisty was an understatment:D It was hard work getting him from the rub to his new viv, striking at everything in sight and getting the target a fair few times to. After a...
  2. Snake Pictures
    thought i would snap a few new pics of my jungle jag :D Rach: victory:
  3. Snake Pictures
    took Squirtle out for cleaning and he is in shed , seems to be growing so fast he seemed to like the door handle :P also my boa Jynx, he seems to have grew everytime i take him out lol Rach x
  4. Snake Pictures
    just a few more updated pics off my common bci and my 75% Jungle Jag, they both shed a few days between each other so i thought, camera time haha this is Jinx (: and my little sister holding him, she loves him haha then this is Squirtle:blush: he has came on a fair bit since i got...
  5. Snakes
    Hi i am getting a JJCP next month and plan on housing my little snakey in appropriate sized RUBs until it is big enough to go in the 4x2x2 viv i have ready. Just wondering what is a good RUB setup for a JJCP hatchling? I know loads of people use heat mats with RUBs but i am not too keen on heat...
1-5 of 5 Results