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  1. General Herp Chat
    An opportunity has arisen for a new member of staff to join the Global Geckos team in the form of a new livestock technician. This position is open for application now with a view to the vacancy being filled in the forthcoming month. For specific details on the position please visit...
  2. General Herp Chat
    A vacancy has arisen for a general assistants position,working for a busy specialist reptile wholesaler,based in Berkshire (SE England). The job is neither glamorous,nor well paid (meeting minimum requirements),and will involve such duties as packaging frozen rodents and feeder insects,taking...
  3. Off Topic Classifieds
    Hi All, The time has come for me to advertise for a member of staff to help me build the vivs and stacks that I make. I do have some terms and requirements that I need from the successful applicant: 1. MUST be experienced in kitchen/bedroom manufacture - edging, carcass assembly e.t.c. 2...
1-3 of 3 Results