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jungle boas
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    Hello I have 5 female Jungle boas for sale 2013 female jungle het Sharp albino 100% £150 2013 Jungle het VPI T plus albino 66% £550 2013 Sharp Albino Jungle £600 2 x 2013 Hypo jungle het anery 66% het VPI T plus 50% £400 & £550 All eating, shedding and poohing spot on. I can offer...
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    Hi all I have for sale the following: Low expression jungle dm pastel (with paperwork) bred by Marc norrie £195 6.1 DM pastels some poss jungles £50 each DM pastels DM pastel low expression jungle not a high expression based on colour bold pattern and head marking not a high price with...
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    For sale... Jungles 100% het Kahl Albino for sale. Born here on 16/06/12 Now eating well and are ready to go. Payment plans are not a problem, no trades. I have Individual pics, prices and other boas available on my website. : victory:
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    Here's my two female Jungles I held back from my Jungle x Kahl litter I had recently. I love them :2thumb:
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    he just shed his skin baby photo now: thanks :)
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    Hi, i'm looking at buying a pair of hypo jungle boas, but am unsure what actually defines a jungle boa. What should i be looking for? cheers :2thumb:
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    my jungle boas!! female us born!! male irish born!! hope to pair the female with a anery and the male with a unusal wildtype!!
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    hi i have for sale a male dm pastel jungle boa for sale he was bred by marc norrie in 2009 by breeding a hypo jungle x dm pastel i have had him since a baby and have the paperwprk for him..if you are interested i can sent pics..he should be ready to breed this year £250 :mf_dribble:
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    hi all for sale is my 2009 male dm pastel jungle boa which was bred by marc norrie his parents were dm pastel x hypo jungle. he was part of my breeding project but my plans have changed and he is the last left in my collection. eating, pooing and shedding fine hes around 3 and foot, good...
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    We are currently doing an order with Brian Barczyk. You may know him as the guy from SnakeBytesTV or BHB Reptiles. Well I've been chatting too Brian for some time now and we have a few spaces left on the order and following our conversation we have decided too open up these spaces on the...
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    hi all i have for sale my dm pastel jungle boa which was bred by marc norrie in 2009 his DOB is 07/05/09 his parents were dm pastel x hypo jungle. hes round about 3ft, feeding shedding and pooing well. i have the paperwork from marc norrie for him. great temperment has never made an attempt to...
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    Here are some updated photos of the two jungles i held back from this years litter and one with a red pastel keeper for comparison Kev
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    Hey guys, was just wondering what is the availability if jungle boas like in the UK. I always see plenty of hypos but no jungles.:2thumb:
1-14 of 14 Results