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jungle carpet pyhon
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    I have a 2009 jungle (morphman line). Rat feeder and a pleasure to handle etc. Not a bright yellow but has a nice gold colour to him plus is very clean. Any more info or pics I will email Thx
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    Had a nice treat when I got back from work, a nice shiny and now more yellow jungle :smile: so here are some crappy phone pics that don't do her justice at all :bash:
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    2 jungle carpet pythons for sale, 1 male albino cali king snake, 1 female all black mexican king snake, looking for cash, open offers, can email pics on request, many thanks. :2thumb:
  4. Snakes
    2 jungle carpet pythons,1 male albino king snake and 1 female black mexican king snake, looking for cash ideally, open to reasonable offers.:2thumb:
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    Was bored today so snapped a couple pics of my 2011 pair. Male Female Cheers Jon
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    eats poos and sheds well, around 5 years old very tame, open to offers xx
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    Reluctantly I am selling the last of my collection due to moving abroad to a simple, peaceful life of self sufficiency. The prices are for "guidance" only and am still open to offers. This is what I have:- Jungle Carpet Python – unsexed - approx 6ft. Eats, sheds, poos without any issues...
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    I was bored so took a couple pics in the sun. male female Cheers Jon
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    Well if I hadn't had enough excitement with the Patternless Spotted Python hatching today, this lot decided to make an apearence as well lol Matt
1-9 of 9 Results