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jungle carpet python
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    Hi, Due to a change in personal circumstances, I am putting up for sale my High Yellow Female JCP. She has a lovely personality and is used to handling. I have never had a strike from her but she is tapped trained. Approximately 5.5ft. The photos were from 7 months ago so she has put on a...
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    Zebra Jungle Carpet Python Female 2014 In excellent condition, approx 4 ft. Stunning cream/white and black markings. Normally £150 plus. Does have a slight defect in last inch or so of tail, barely noticeable (see photo), hence, reduced price.
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    Zebra Jungle Carpet Python Female 2014 In excellent condition, approx 4 ft. Photos are older but still show condition and slight defect in last inch or so of tail, hence, reduced price.
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    Zebra Jungle Carpet Python 2014 Female Zebra Jungle Carpet Python Female doing all she should. Stunning head markings. Slight defect in last inch or so of tail, hence lower price. Viv defensive. About 4ft and eating 2 mice per week. £65
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    I have 12 2017 baby jungles sexed feeding and shedding as they should pm for pics of babys and parents will do discount on pairs or more
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    Me and a friend are hoping to head up to the Doncaster show in June and we're both wanting to add something else to our collection. She's already set on a leachie gecko but I'd really like another snake. Only issue is I'm torn between a few species and was wondering if any of you have any tips...
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    Hiya, We've decided not to breed our Pure Jungle Male Carpet to our Diamond Jungle Jag, and so have decided he can go to a new home. He's from Precision in Germany - if you know how their carpets turn out! So he will be an absolute stunner as an adult, he's very late 2015 so currently 16/17...
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    Free to a good home are two healthy female jungle carpet pythons, cb11. They are both very good feeders, they both shed well and both poo well. They are fairly tame, occasionally they get a bit viv defensive. Feel free to message me for pictures or any further information.
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    I got her last August as one of the most snappy snakes i've ever had :lol2: Through she's calmed down a lot now she's older :) Here she was back in August last year :mf_dribble:
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    Quite slow growing but getting bigger :) When i got her :mf_dribble: The recent pics :)
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    I'm after a high yellow Jungle Carpet Python If anyone has one for sale, let me know. Cheers.
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    I have two three-year old female jungle carpet pythons for sale. Both do everything that they should; poo, shed, eat and are healthy. They are on rats and have been with no bother at all. A friend of mine has an older JCP and he has to pop a pinky to get it to eat rats. I am selling for £70...
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    3 years old Bright markings Good feeder (strike feeder) Selling due to lack of time and space for her Snappy in the viv tho with regular handling would calm down
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    any websites of places that stock jungles
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    G'day! I have recently picked up a new little addition and want to know her sex. The breeder who i got it from told me that she probed at a depth of 7 scales. I have been reading through "The complete carpet python" and within that book it states females 2-5 scales and males 8-15. I was just...
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    Another i got on my trip on Friday a very long day but well worth the trip :2thumb:
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    G'day! I have a few questions about jungle carpets and about my own jungle carpet. Just curious on those who own them on the age, size and weight of your scale babies? My little guy is sitting around 75cm's at 5 months of age and weighs 86g So I have had this little guy now since 16/04/2014...
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    Due to space we have decided to sell the family pet snake. It's a male cb08 jungle carpet python. He's a lovely snake, feeds well and is puppy tame. He's 6ft long. £100 Pm or call me on 07838124898
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    2012 Winner Jungle
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    I am looking for a Morelia spilota cheynei (Jungle carpet python) hatchling or young juvenile for sale in the east midlands area. Preferably female but will happily take a male (or unsexed) If you are breeding or know of a seller I would appreciate if you could contact me. thank you very...
1-20 of 152 Results