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jungle carpet python
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    Fresh shed 09 reduced pattern Tully jungle carpet python. I'm hoping to reduce that pattern a bit more in his future hatchies...
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    hi all.normally our thing is royals and boas but we just had this guy come in as part of a deal on some leos.really nice and passive and seems i said carpets are not my thing at all but thought it was quite nice.anyways we were told it was a jungle carpet but at a glance reading up it...
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    I am getting a baby jungle carpet python and i was wondering what size of enclosure i should get. I am thinking about getting a cheap cage for him to start off in and then get a bigger cage for him. Any advice on what size of enclosure i should get for the baby carpet python that also cheap, I...
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    Hi, looking for a high yellow Jungle or Zebra or carpet python! Brandon
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    :welcome: Here i have for sale two CB11 F Jungle carpet pythons for sale. Both are feeding on rat weaners , shedding pooing fine : victory: First up is very handable and im asking £100 ono for her :) Second up is NOT a friendly girl she will even attack the snake hook :lol2: now im not...
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    Hey guys. As I am moving out of the UK, I am forced to sell my small snake collection... Starting with my HIGH YELLOW (German strain) female pure JUNGLE CARPET PYTHON! :gasp: She is a gorgeous girl in perfect condition, feeds and sheds regularly! Bred by MORPHMAN in March 2010, she comes with...
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    Hi im based in essex, greater london and am looking for a very bright yellow jungle carpet python. I would like a female but wouldnt mind a male. I dont mind making a bit of a journey but no extremes lol. Even if anyone knows a breeder (a local one would be good), please let me know. Thanks Guys...
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    How long after when the carpets eyes go blue do they usually shed? I know they dont shed all that often so just wondering if they take longer to go through the process? Cheers
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    very pretty proven girl shed and poops with no problems,very tame
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    My 2011 vpi x german bloodline girl just shed so thought I'd share a couple pics. Cheers Jon
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    I'm thinking of putting my year old Jungle Carpet Python into a 24x18x36 but want to get it looking good, with plenty to climb as well as plenty for him to hide in on the floor if he wants to, any one got any pictures of there Carpet Python set ups for me to steal some ideas from :D Thanks P.S...
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    I will soon have for sale 8 hatchling jungle carpet pythons. I am taking deposits now, but will not be ready for their new homes until all have taken at least 5 feeds consecutively and are proving to be growing well. I have males and females available, both parents can be seen. Each...
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    Hey I bought my first high yellow jungle carpet python in doncaster and was just wondering if anyone knew the breeder, I forgot to ask for contact information :P, he was near the middle with a bright green mohawk. Any help would be great thanks :D Just want to add, I LOVE MY NEW JUNGLE :D
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    We've got 3 jungle carpets for sale, and an Irian Jaya carpet python. We can sell with vivarium, or without vivarium, including all the bits and pieces, like dimmer thermostat, bulbs, bulb gaurds. I'm not sure what sex the Irian Jaya is, as i'm pretty hopeless when it comes to sexing these...
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    I have a CB11 Female Jungle Carpet Python for sale for £125. She eats rats or mice (whichever i have in at the time) and has never missed a feed. Sheds in one piece, never had a problem. Pooing as she should be. Never bitten, or shown any aggression. Pickup only, from Immingham, North East...
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    We have a male CB08 Jungle Carpet Python For Sale. He's around 6ft long, hand tame and never misses a feed, typical Carpet Python. We purchased with the intention of breeding from him, but never found a female up to size, plus we've decided to concentrate on our Ball Python Breeding and Dwarf...
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    Due to work commitments i have to reluctantly sell my female jungle carpet python. She is very docile and both my 6 and 11yr old children handle her with supervision. She is approx 6-6.5ft long and is about 1.5yrs old. She feeds well on frozen rats and the occasional chick. Her viv is a 4x2x2 (...
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    lovely pair of carpets both great feeders he will and does eat anything she prefers mice,i have seen them locked twice ,they are both very tame and love to be handled
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    Jungle carpet pythons-4 years old, 1 male, 1 female, 375 for pair, 450 with full set up King snakes-1 year old, 1 male albino, 1 female all black, 65 each or 110 for pair Boa-18 months old, male, common het 100% khal albino, 60 Please get in touch if any interest or questions xx
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    Hey guys im just trying to decide who the next addition to the family should be and at the moment im tied between a false water cobra and a jungle carpet python so wanted to know peoples oppinion of both and how they keep. I know theyre very differant snakes but hey its all about variety they...
41-60 of 152 Results