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jungle carpet
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    got an adult female for sale, viv (86x49x91cm) and everything included. shes a well behaved girl, gets excited during feeding though. selling as i will be going to uni and no one at home can look after her. got a rub and heat mat from when she was small that I can throw in to.
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    CB07 Female, Imported from marc Mense Black and white jungle line around 5.5-6ft Eats anything. Ready to breed. £100 or offers Collection from plymouth
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    German bloodline jungle carpet Python.Eats,sheds and shits fine. Can deliver locally at buyers cost.
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    1.1 German Bloodline carpets CB 10, imported from precision via Hamm Male - feeds df rats/chicks/mice Female can be fussy - prefers mice/chicks but will take scented rats Female male £400 pair, these are from one of the best lines in europe collection from plymouth kam
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    Im hoping this pair will produce for me this coming season. 2012 male zebra jungle 2011 female jungle carpet cheers Jon
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    Hi, Im after some jungle carpets from hans winner bloodline, vpi bloodline, german bloodline and daniel reutfors (swedish) bloodline.If anyone has any available or could point me in the right direction please pm me or email me [email protected] with info. Cheers Jon
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    I have forsale two female jungle carpets £100 each The first is a 2010, she is about 6 foot long and does everything she should, she can be a bit viv defensive but is fine when out. She is in shed so will get pics soon The second is a 2012 and is about 4 - 4 1/2 foot, she also dose...
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    For sale is my female jungle carpet python. Beautiful girl. Never struck or bitten. Perfect snake in every way but just not in my plans for the future and as a result feel I could do with moving her on and freeing up the space... Sad sale that i've been thinking about for months but I feel she...
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    Another update of one of mine. My female 2011 vpi x german bloodline jungle carpet. Cheers Jon
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    looking for a motley boa. not really bothered on age as long as its a nice individual. the sex of the snake depends on age. if young would prefer male but i am easy really as long as its the right animal. I'm also considering selling my female Jungle Carpet... she's a CB11. will consider a...
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    Due to significant changes at home, I unfortunately need to reduce my collection asap. I have the following for sale: - 1.0 2009 Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python – Reduced Pattern on Tail (Bred by SW Morelia) £70 ono 1.0 2010 Nicaraguan Dwarf Boa 100% Het T+ 0.1 2010 T+ Nicaraguan Dwarf...
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    Thought I'd post some pics of Shikari's refurbed house. when I first got her i housed her in this 3'x2'x1' all glass. it was great for humidity but terrible at retaining heat so when i split up with my ex gf and got my own place I decided to treat shikari to an upgrade in the form of a...
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    Hi I have a few of my snakes for sale: Royals CB11 Male Yellow Belly (Proven breeder) £225 CB10 Male Pastel (Nerd Line) £180 Producing sperm plugs at the moment Carpet Python CB12 Male Jungle Carpet £130 Corns CB13 Bloodred Male 100% het Amel 50% het Hypo £35 All are feeding on D/F, shedding...
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    Heavy in shed so she gonna be bright:2thumb: She is 7 years old. Just got home. In her quarantine Viv a much larger awaits her.
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    2009 Fully Striped Jungle, German Lines Bred by Morphman Proven with previous keeper Boababy Around 6FT and has a good girth to her Very tame, but has a lightning fast feeding response Can come with a 3x2x2 viv recently made by volly, all electrics, guard and decor for £275 Snake alone £225...
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    Currently 5ft, quite slender for her age due to previous owners feeding routine Currently on small rats weekly Tame and in perfect health
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    A little on the small side for her age but in perfect health, Currently 5ft Feeds without fail on Small rats Sale due too viv space needed
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    hi can anyone help me pick between a common boa , a eastern bts , an iguana or a jungle carpet. if some one has experience with any of these species can the tell their experience thanks
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    Although perfectly healthy is a little on the small side due to previous owners feeding routine Only selling as i now have a lovely striped female i have recently bought and i need the room for other things Currently 5ft, quite slender compared to my other female, very tame Eats absolutely...
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    Jungle carpet Python female 627g feeding on small rats snappy £100 Jungle x Darwin Albino = 100% het Albino carpet python male 100g feeding on med mice good to hold when out but still small £200
1-20 of 88 Results