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jungle jag
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    NEW THREAD NEW PRICE £65 need rehoming asap hope can help beautiful '13 irian jaya jungle jag female,about 6 foot approx, feeds great on rats,sheds n craps fine, really tame disposition awesome colour when freshly shed need to find new home asap really hope someone can give her good...
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    CB12 Diamond Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python Male £220
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    yes I am being sarcastic...
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    1st time lay for my high % JJ girl:
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    I have a lovely late cb13 male jungle jaguar carpet python available, in perfect health and doing everything he should be. Collection only. Please PM me if interested.
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    I've been wanting a DJJ for a while and picked this girl up just before Christmas. She has amazing colour and apart from being a mouser I think she's perfect :2thumb:
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    as title one pair of diamond X jungle jag sibs 2011 do everything as should . viv defensive but calm down after a bit once out would like them gone this weekend can deliver for petrol costs reasonable offers considered cheers £100 no the greatest pics however best I can manage as...
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    Irian Jaya Jungle Jaguars and Siblings for sale! Sire: Irian Jaya Jaguar Sibling Dam: 50% Jungle Jaguar Parents can be seen. Hatch date: 8/06/13 All feeding well on DF mouse pinkies and some on DF rat pups, shedding, and doing everything they should. JAG4 - Male - £110 JAG5 - Female -...
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    Black and White Jungle Carpet python for sale, approx. 2.5yrs old and roughly 3-4ft. He was bred by Marc Mense and bought from Pilbara approximately 9 months ago. He is very feisty and unfortunately new job means I don't have enough time to invest in him. Good Eater, not too good at striking but...
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    Is there a variety of JJ that are around 5-6 ft as adults?
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    I have got for sale unsexed Jungle Jaguar carpet which is 25% new guinea, 25% coastal 50% jungle and unsexed coastal carpet. Both feeds, poos well. This is Jungle Jag 100£ This is coastal 60£
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    I had a clutch of jungle jags and jungle jag siblings, and here are the first four for sale. More will follow as they start eating of their own accord. These have all shed, and have taken at least five feeds on defrost rat pups, and are excreting normally, they will come with feeding records...
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    Isn't she just ADORABLE! (Though the picture doesn't do her great justice) However, she needs a name, and we are struggling to think of and Australian, Jungle, or Jaguar themed name for her. (So far, Adelaide, Melbourne, Alice (Springs) and Victoria are all that come to mind, but none really...
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    cb 2011 female irian jaya jungle jag very reluctant sale. lovely snake. well tempered. bred by morieliauk. Eats large weaner rats, defrosted. collection from shenfield Essex would really like to keep her. :devil:
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    He was posing for me so took a quick snap :2thumb:
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    I have for sale an adult female 88% Jungle Jag, ready to breed. Produced by Mark Harris, this was his holdback from 2009, it took a lot of persuasion from my friend to be able to purchase this animal from Mark (and a lot of persuasion from me to buy her from my friend, haha!) Through pers. comm...
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    Her mother is swelling up full of eggs again :2thumb: so more for 2012 I hope.
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    Hey peeps just wondering if the little exhalation noises my Jag is making are normal? I am aware most pythons and boas tend to do this but I've only experienced it with adults before. She seems healthy and is doing everything she should normally just never had a snake with an RI (touch wood)...
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    Debs having an identity crisis
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    Finally found my camera cable and was taking some pics of my little ones. Tony a bit fat after dinner Debra still very jumpy! A couple of Twist who is going very pink round the face, but the camera doesn't really pick it up. Using her hide to full advantage!! Thanks for looking
1-20 of 62 Results