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justin mitcham hognose
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    Last week was a very exciting time - I received a delivery from (really good service) of my Male western Hognose - Weighing in at a tiny 8g Randy is a shrimp making my other hognose (thought was female until further inspection of tail now not sure) Huge! After 4 days of...
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    Male, Justin Mitcham purple line, extreme red anaconda hognose. Feeding on defrost, unscented pinkies. £1200 in instalments or one off payment of £1000 I will be over in the UK in a few weeks so I can deliver. Thanks Damien
  3. Snakes
    Not sure if this will be a success, but I will try! :2thumb: Hoggies are really popular and have been my favourite for a while now, especially all the new morphs, got my eye on a nice pair of extreme Red Albino's! And maybe an Anery! Anyway, can I see pics of your hognose's, which morphs...
1-3 of 3 Results