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    Male Ghost Motley 50% het kahl. Eating and shedding well. Stunning snake £400
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    2015 Female Type 1 Anery, 100% Het Kahl Albino, 4.5' (grown on slowly), doing everything she should and great to handle.
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    Unfortunately having to rehome my girl she's 100% het kahl albino, CBB February 2013 by Kelfezond I've owned her since a month after she was born, so I can guarantee she's never been power fed or kept in a rub - must be going into a good sized home. Feeds on medium rabbits, one rabbit once...
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    Dwarf (75% CA Influence) Kahl Sunglow (possible super) Boa Female for sale, CB15 approx 900g £120
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    CB17 female kahl junglow boa. Eating d/f rat weaners regularly (has never refused a meal), shedding and going to the toilet as she should. Excellent temperament and very good to handle. Only selling as I am downsizing. Collection only as I cannot drive.
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    Proven Female Kahl Boa, approximately 7ft long. Great temperament and good to handle, eating, shedding and defecating as should be. Collection only.
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    Proven Female Kahl Boa (good temperament & doing everything she should) with 6ft wide x 2ft deep x 2ft high ND Aquatics viv (had made 2 months ago & bottom one in pic) and all electrics. Collection from Romford, Essex or may be able to deliver locally this afternoon as borrowing a van for today...
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    Male dwarf cb13 motley het kahl boa available. Approx 4ft long, eating, shedding and defecating as should be. He has a fantastic temperament and is very good to handle. Only selling as reducing numbers, has beautiful salmon colouration on tail. Collection only from Dagenham in Essex. Please send...
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    CB13 Female Junglow (Kahl)Quite placid. £300 CB13 Female Sunglow Motley (Kahl) £400 CB12 Female Hypo het Kahl. £50 CB12 Male Hypo het VPI £75 CB12 (believed female but no 100% certain) Sunglow (Kahl) £150 Eating, shedding and pooing fine. All have been recently tested for Arenavirus (by a...
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    Hi all I hope this is ok to post here I im looking to sell my small collection of snakes but I would like some advice on how much one of them is worth. Shes a 6 year old albino kahl boa (66% het) I have her breeder and parent details if required. She has a great temperament and is happy to...
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    looking for adult boa morphs!! Cash waiting!
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    Job lot of boa constrictors for sale: £700 or best offer takes all if paid in the next 24hrs. Free courier. 2015 0.1 Hypo (50% Honduran) 100% het Lipstick line Kahl albino. £60 1.3 (50% Honduran) 100% het Lipstick line Kahl albino £40 each 2.2 Hypo 100% het Lipstick line Kahl albino £75 each...
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    I have available the following boa constrictors. I am open to payment plans, courier or delivery. Animals can also be collected from my table at Doncaster Reptile show 20th September. Boas Cb15 nic T+ sunglow motley female £150 Cb15 nic hypo motley het T+ £65 Cb15 nic T+ males £65 Cb12...
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    Male Dwarf Kahl Albino BCI (75% CA influence) born on 16th April 2015, feeding on defrost small mice. Dame was a CA DH Kahl Sunglow and Sire was a Kahl Sunglow (50% CA influence). Collection from Plymouth or courier at buyers expense or delivery may be possible depending on your location. £100
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    Very docile sunglow boa constrictor who I am sadly selling as I cant cope with strike feeding anymore. She has never struck/hissed or bitten. She sheds and poos well. She is housed in a vivarium and I only want the best of homes for her so I would like her to be homed in a vivarium as this is...
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    Proven motley het Kahl albino boa male. Produced some stunning babies. For sale as reducing boa collection . Feeding great on defrost large/jumbo rats. Fine to handle but keen on food in viv. £200 Ono Collection from Selby or Doncaster show
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    1.0 Albino with nice pinks and greens in him 0.1 66% het Albino Both adult and ready to breed. The male is only about 4ft, a real dwarf. This line was created by breeding the Kahl gene into Sonoran locality boas at Due to the Sonoran influence they tend to stay small and have a...
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    Cb10 female 100% het kahl & anery She had her first litter this year and had 24 stunning little babies. She not a big girl, about 5ft. She's already put back on a lot of weight. £300 Collection from me Kent or can arrange delivery with coldblooded moments. MadAboutBoas - Home
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    2014 Female Kahl Albino. Stunning girl, perfect in every way and priced to sell. Collection from Plymouth or courier at buyers expense. £120
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    Currently selling my whole collection as I unfortunately do not have the time to donate to reptiles any more. Adult male CB 2006 Kahl albino I bought him as het Snow but unfortunately no paperwork I purchased from this forum in 2010 (Original thread from when I purchased him...
1-20 of 325 Results