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    Recently proven, eggs are in the incubator, bought in 2015 from Wharf Aquatics as Pure Kalatoa, Fed well grew quick, glossiest snake I have seen. Last measured at ten feet, pictures of gravid and on the eggs, total of 30. Any questions please ask. Regards David
    £250 GBP
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    50% kalaotoa het pied's Mum: UKExotics line pure kalaotoa Dad: Mainland pied reticulated python £700/pair 1.1 50% SD white albino goldenchilds - £500/each 3.0 50% SD white albino's - £200/each 1.1 50% SD het white albino's £150/each Mum: 50% madu Goldenchild het white albino Dad: 50% SD white...
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    Hi guys, I'm selling this beautiful superdwarf girl. The only reason she has to go is I'm having a child in a few months and we need space. She was bred in 2014 by UK exotics, I got her in early 2015 and never had a problem with her, always hungry, healthy and tame. Always fed on f/t rats...
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    My size limit is 7'. So.... 1.0, Am I restricted to male Kalatoa and Madu locales? [The reason I ask is because a friend and I are both interested in getting another snake (I'm sure you can see where this is going) - but it would be nice to have the opportunity to breed one day if we decided...
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    CB07 Male Kalatoa Dwarf Retic - £350 CB06 Male Bob Clark Superdwarf Retic - £250 Both snakes eating, defecating fine. Both shed but in bits, though the last sheds seemed to come off better and quicker than previous sheds. The Kalatoa is around 7ft in length, and the Bob Clark is around 5-6ft...
  6. Snakes
    Hi all, Having seen all of the 'is this the biggest' and 'my snake's bigger than yours' threads, it would be nice to see who has the smallest retics - seeing as they're such a diverse group of snakes it would only be right to appreciate both ends of the size spectrum. I'm personally in love...
  7. Snake Pictures
    Bellys UP - Breeding is a Kayuadi Dwarf Retic to a male 50% Dwarf Sunfire Possible Ovulation - Breeding is a Madu SD Retic to EITHER an SD Kalatoa OR the 50% Dwarf Sunfire, photos of both are below. Male SD Kalatoa Male Dwarf Sunfire
  8. Snakes
    hi guys im thinking of buying a kalatoa dwarf retic off here and it would be my first retic and my first so called BIG snake. i have kept royals and corns and about every other colubrid species but never anything bigger then 5 foot he says it will only get 6-7 foot is this right?? also what...
  9. Snakes
    Most interested in Madu and Kalatoa, anyone taking them? Prices? Current sizes? Ta
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    after much deliberation, Iv decided these need to go too 07 female bob clark super dwarf retic (Im sure it came out a while ago, that these were kalatoas, but I cant be 100% sure about that, so will just call her a superdwarf). she has an odd looking nose, due to her rubbing most of her face off...
  11. Snakes
    Hi, I really want either one of these and was wondering which would be better to keep? I fell in love with boas for I started to like the kalatoa but the more I see of the retic the more I want one! My OH doesnt want me to get a dwarf as she "has been told they are snappy no matter how much you...
  12. Snakes
    Hi guys, Have been doing some researching and reading and have got myself rather confused lol!!! Have I got this straight now... Smallest locality boas - El Salvador or Sonoran Smallest locality retics - Kalatoa ?????????????????????????????????????????? Also, I realise that each individual...
  13. Snake Pictures
    i am buying a kalatoa retic at the maidstone expo on the 30th august and i was wondering if anyone on here owns one and could send me some pics of them thank you. joe:crazy:
1-13 of 13 Results