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  1. Snakes
    I just brought home this little lad today, a blue sided ribbon snake! (feel free to correct me if I am wrong -the original owner got him as part of a trio for a different breed of garters but he was miss I.D'd by the people that sold the trio to them to begin with) (photo's a bit dark but it...
  2. Snakes
    Would any corn-rat hybrid keepers or breeders be able to offer me some advice? I currently have a snake in my care that was said to be pure corn but now I'm not 100% sure. His personality is very "rat-like" and his phenotype is subtly different from the other corns that I work with. If any...
  3. Food Classifieds
    I have a large cricket feeder for sale it has 2 compleate tubes and a spare, it also has all of the hole covers. buyer must collect. Please feel free to contact Stephanie at anytime on 07598676147 Thanx
  4. Lizards
    I'm going to sound like a real wuss now, but I'm not too fussed on crickets. I have a cricket keeper, but what would you advise the best way is to transfer them from the plastic box you get them in, to the keeper? Nearly dropped them everywhere first time! nightmare! Thanks in advance :)
  5. Snakes
    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum. I've just had a royal python from a work colleague who didn't want it anymore. She's about 12 yrs old and is 5 foot long and very chunky. I wanted to check with you guys that my setup is okay. She is in a 4x2x2 vivarium. It is heated with a 100w ceramic heat...
  6. Newbie Advice
    I have this morning put a couple of livefood keepers together as I have only been keeping them in the boxes they come in since I started with my first Leo 4 weeks ago... I found the Crix and Mealies aint all that good kept in their original boxes and thought I'd give this a go with a couple of...
  7. Snakes
    I'm not a very experienced snake keeper, And I've only ever held my corn snake. It would be amazing for me just to see someone elses herps, possibly hold them :) To be honest I would be excited just to see another corn, I'm feeling broody at the moment and am desperate for another snake ^^...
  8. General Herp Chat
    Hi guys, i have decided to post this thread - and give people my top 10 tips to become a top exotic pet keeper! SO - HERE ARE MY TOP 10 TIPS: 1. - Make A Commitment: To first thing you need to do to become a prime reptile keeper is to have the need and the want to do it and expand in the...
1-8 of 9 Results