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  1. General Herp Chat
    Hi, I was looking at visiting Kempton park reptile expo this year and found out that it had been cancelled with rumours indicating that the APA organisation had successfully campaigned against the expo. This led me to look at the APA website. And indeed it is their claim that they were the...
  2. Kempton Park Shows
    A statement from the F.B.H. Statement - Kempton Park Breeders’ Meeting The Reptile Breeders’ Meeting which has been held at Kempton Park Racecourse in Sunbury-on-Thames for the past five years will not take place this year after senior management of the racecourse, which is owned by the...
  3. Kempton Park Shows
    Hey guys really exited about Kempton this year ive missed it the last years that ive known about it. And made sure I had the day of work for it. Its probably to early to start asking but I'm looking to get from this show; 2 female ackie monitors 1 female carpet python (morph undecided) Blue...
  4. Snake Pictures
    Hi folks, was at Kempton Park reptile expo last weekend and felt I had to share this pic with you guys.....absolutely stunning (and a stunning price too - £35k!!) :gasp:
  5. Lizard Classifieds
    Available one striped male gargoyle with bright orange stripes and black and white flecked body. One female light brown and white striped. Both absolutely gorgeous and healthy, £200 for the pair. Can bring to Kempton Park reptile expo on 11th August or drop off around London for small cost...
  6. S.R.A.S
    Applications for tables are now been taken for the FBH joint society/Clubs show at Kempton park, please email [email protected] for booking forms and rules, if you need any other information regarding the above event please ring Richard Brook on 01274 548342 In order to book a table...
  7. Kempton Park Shows
    I highly doubt it but is anyone going to be selling Mist King components at Kempton? I have a system alreayd but would love to buy some extra bits for it to expand and as spares so if anyone is going to be selling these itd be great to know!
  8. Kempton Park Shows
    I'm sure most of you are aware that summer arrives this weekend, and Sunday's temperature is expected to be around 30C! Please therefore do not leave any animals in your vehicles at the venue, use the free creche instead. Thanks Peter
  9. Lizard Classifieds
    Rare Gecko's For Sale at Kempton Park Oedura robusta Robust Velvet Gecko £200.00 Oedura marmorata Marbled Velvet Gecko £200.00 Oedura castelnaui Northern Velvet Gecko £185.00 Pair Oedura monilis Occelated Velvet Gecko £200.00 Group Gekko gecko Tokay Gecko...
  10. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi I have a child under 18mnths & one that's nearly 3 Just wanting to know if it would be £3.50 each for these or is there a cut off age? I.e under 3s free?? Thanks
  11. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi all Just wondering if any one knows any one selling baby albino burms at kempton this year? Thanks Ben 🐍
  12. Kempton Park Shows
    Dear Hobbyist, Show will open at 10.30am to the public, but 10am for members of the following Clubs/ Societies, and for registered disabled people:- British Herpetological Society British Reptiles & Amphibians Society East Sussex Reptiles & Amphibians Society Eastern Herpetological Society...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    Various 2012 hatchlings. From my 2012 hatchlings I have the following 88% Jungle Jag Carpets for sale all feeding on defrost: 1. Male 88% Jungle Jag: 2. Female 88% Jungle Jag: 3. Female 88% Jungle Jag: £120 each.
  14. Kempton Park Shows
    Hello! Would anyone be able to tell me the entrance fee for this show? I'd love to come and have a look around but I can only find the cost for breeders! Thankyou!
  15. Lizards
    what is everybody picking up or selling at kempton park?
  16. Kempton Park Shows
    Originally Posted by Grandpa Leejay, Have you applied for tables yet? We received complaints last year that it was the same things being sold each year, bearing in mind this is a breeders meeting/captive bred based day. So, this year, we have opened it up, first come first served basis, in...
  17. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    what turtles will be for sale at kempton this year, and can anyone who has been before tell me what the turtle selection was like : victory:
  18. Snakes
    Hey guys, Is there a list of the first expos of the new year available yet? cheers Sam
  19. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Hello, Is this on or not, I've been told it is but can't find any info on it. Has anyone got an address? Dan
1-19 of 43 Results