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  1. Invert Classifieds
    Hiya! Still have some P. vittata slings left- around 2cm leg span. A couple of communal groups, and some separated. £5 each, happy to consider offers or deals on multiples. Really need them gone! Happy to post or bring to Kempton. :)
  2. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi, I bought two of the lovely Eurasian green toads at the show- but I have no idea as to the locality/race. A long shot, but if the seller sees this, any chance of the info? They are doing fine, by the way! :2thumb:
  3. Snake Classifieds
    I have a table at Kempton this Sunday and have the following available. Royals : Two proven adult females between 2&3 kilos £120 each 2014 calicos male and female £90-£250 depending on quality and sex 2014 pastels male £35 female £90 2014 calico pin male £250 (one of twins) Hognose: adult...
  4. Snake Classifieds
    Can meet at kempton, these are the snakes I have for sale: Unsexed: CB13 Blue Manokwari Green Tree Python £650 *Parents are bright sky blue* CB13 Pure Butter Motley Corn Snakes £60 Each CB14 Lavender het Hypo & Diffused Corn Snake £60 (very purple!) CB14 Hypo Lavender het diffused Corn Snakes...
  5. Kempton Park Shows
    Is there a list of stalls, breeders and reps available at all? Only want to know if there will be any Rankins there cos it will be a long way for me to go if there aren't any there :( Cheers H
  6. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi, What time can FBH members get into Kempton? Thanks, Chris
  7. Amphibians
    I couldn't go last year, as it was just before pay day, but especially with PRAS cancelled last time and SWARE cancelled in April, I'm totally determined to make it next weekend! So, who is going, and what do you want to find? I'm going to be looking out to replace my male painted frog (female...
  8. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi there, I am looking for someone from Gloucestershire who is going to Kempton Park next Sunday. There are 3 geckos that have to be picked up for me and I would be very grateful if there is anyone who could help. Details to be discussed via PM. In the worst case, maybe at least there is...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    Selection of 2014 hypo het anery ( dh ghost) produced from a hypo keltic x anery female , these are just a few of whats available , £70 or £130 pair , I have a table at Kempton if your going or I can book a courier at buyers expense south lincs near Spalding
  10. Kempton Park Shows
    I know kempton park is coming up, can anyone give me a confirmed date please, cheers Paul
  11. Kempton Park Shows
    hi guys I was wondering if anyone can give me a price on some or pm me if your take any im looking at either or over 2 years really normal m and f prefered hets fire m or f pastel m or f or any that's not to expensive I may consider some corns also let me know...
  12. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi all, I'm looking to pick up a MBK at kempton. Is anyone likely to have hatchlings or youngsters available? Pm me!
  13. Shelled Classifieds
    Anyone taking any adult female Testudo hermanni to Kempton or have one for sale and attending Kempton next month? Looking for two females to add to my group.
  14. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi was just wondering if anyone is going to be selling in rankins dragons at kempton this year? Thanks
  15. Kempton Park Shows
    Anyone know if there's a list of exhibitors available? or know who is going to be there? and with what?
  16. Lizard Classifieds
    Few adult females for sale. collection horsham west sussex or kempton show in august! CB12 Female super snow - no known hets £50 ono CB13 hypo mack snow het tremper. proven this season £30 Female sunglow - not 100% on strain but think rainwater, selling for a friend. pet only home £20
  17. Shelled Classifieds
    Anyone taking the following to Kempton? Kinosternon baurii Chrysemys picta bellii Sternotherus minor
  18. Kempton Park Shows
    could some one please tell me how to book a table for this years kempton show in august and who to contact cheers bob
1-18 of 159 Results