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king cobra
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    De-hooded Kings cobras.. Until you can see their tail ends :blush: Tom (excuse my feminine figure in these photos...)
  2. Snakes
    *as per the title you have been warned that the topic involves royals being eaten and a pic of this. i've posted this for it to be discussed not for 20 royal lovers to start crying. you've been given ample warning sensitive people, but mods if you deem this inappropriate by all means delete it i...
  3. Snakes
    My nine years of reptile-feeping without being bitten are doomed to an end once I possibly buy my first carpet python this weekend (the one I have my eye on is viv-defensive at the very least). I heard that if a snake won't let go you can put it's head under a tap. Other than that... Any tips...
  4. DWA Species
    I got to have a look around the House of Venom today, it was great to meet Alex and see some stunning animals all in great health (some still in recovery after suffering neglect from previous homes but now doing well)and in well kept enclosures set up with the animals welfare in mind.Thanks for...
  5. Snake Pictures
    Just got back from south west Thailand and although I didnt see a single snake in the wild, I did however see some in the snake show. which consists of a man tormenting various snakes and them nearly biting him lol. started with some black cobras then a jumping snake which i think is a...
  6. DWA Species
    Hi all. I have recently added post no. 2 to my blog about the King Cobra and other projects that i am helping out on here in Thailand. Please feel free to take a look and comment/follow etc. The King speaks | King Cobra and other reptile research in Thailand Cheers
  7. DWA Species
    Just started a blog as I'm going to be studying the King Cobra in its natural habitat in Thailand. hope you enjoy
  8. General Herp Chat
    TV snake expert in hospital after deadly king cobra bite | The Sun |News Looks more like a Carpet Python to me - "Deadly ... a fearsome king cobra like the one that bit Mark" I posted it on the article, but I think they deleted my...
  9. DWA Species
    Snake Handler In Hospital After Cobra Bite
  10. Snakes
    Does any in London area have a DWAL... Wanted to speak to someone
  11. DWA Species
    Hello i would like to ask people to post pictures of there king cobra's please. :flrt:
  12. Snakes
    Reptile World Plymouth is holding a venomous snake weekend this week 29+30 come along for some great banter and see some great snakes
  13. General Herp Chat
    Reptile World in Plymouth is holding a venomous snake weekend from the 29/10/11 - 30/10/11 we will be displaying King Cobra, Cape Cobra, Puff Adder, Saw scale Viper, and Western Diamond Back Rattle Snake
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    bit of disagreement wheather they get 10' or 18' any body able to find photo of a big un
  15. Snakes
    Oh, the Snake Bites - YouTube I've just discovered this video of a wrestling match from the 90s. Jake the snake Roberts holding an angry king cobra which proceeded to bite the crap out of Randy Savage. Is this a real (albeit venomoid King) or just an elaborate fake? (Looks pretty real to me...
  16. Snake Pictures
    Following the brilliant evening with Mark Dainty at Spire Ridge on Thursday, some of the pictures that I took can be viewed on my website, What fantastic animals they are Sean
  17. Snake Pictures
    few more pics including my kids up close & personal with the kings! Junior king cobras & junior king cobra lovers!!
1-18 of 36 Results