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  1. Snake Pictures
    well my littlest cali king decided to try eating his dinner backwards last night, and was struggling due to the me being the nice chap I am decided to try and help him, he coiled around my hand in a death grip and I could not get the little swine just held the legs back for...
  2. Snake Pictures
    the flash washes most of her purple out, but you get the idea....she will be going to my male albino striped soon, so fingers crossed for some nice babies :2thumb:
  3. Snake Pictures
    literally :lol2:....first up my adult male striped albino, he is a lovely calm as any corn (if not calmer) and a very handsome lad to go with it! next up, my little black and white banded...not 100% on the sex, but thinking male...this guy is great to hold! but has a...
  4. Snake Pictures
    this guy/girl is coming on beautifully!! growing like a weed...and getting more gorgeous with every shed! :flrt:
  5. Snake Pictures
    well i have actualy named a snake! this guy is Gnasher! he is a HUGE rescue florida king, he is absolutely stunning i think...but his tempremant is not the friendliest! this guy will try and eat you at any given opportunity! and was pretty much on his final chance when i took him, he had been...
  6. Snake Pictures
    i love this guy to pieces! he really is such a calm placid fella....he will get comfy and literally just sit on you for as long as he can, he is also incredibly beautiful IMO and i just cant believe someone would just dump him like they did! their loss is my gain though! and i was happy to...
  7. Snakes
    went to my local shop (Ameyzoo) to get some frozens, for once it was really dead in there so was chatting to one of the lads there, was admiring the fox snake and the baby macklots they had in...anway i stated how i prefer snakes that are a bit less common, and love ones with attitude!....he...
  8. Snake Pictures
    thought i would get some pics of this chap up, he is a beautiful lad of unknown age...and ended up at Ameyzoo as a rescue, i decided i had the space and time to give him a good permenant home, so took him on! he is a very well mannered chap! and has already eaten a rat weaner the gannet! i have...
1-8 of 8 Results