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    Arizona Mountain Kings (L.pyromelana). 7 available now. All have had a minimum of 5 feeds on DF pinks. Hatched August 2020. Can courier at buyers arrangement and expense. Collection Nantwich, Cheshire or Southport, Merseyside by arrangement.
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    Wanted, female Mexican Black Kingsnake.
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    WANTED. Male Arizona mountain king snake. Adult only. I have two females due to come out of brumation and need a male for them. Can collect locally and from Liverpool, Manchester, London.
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    In search of grey banded king snakes (L.alterna). Prefer blairs phase but will consider alterna. Hatchlings (inc non feeders). Can collect Donacaster IHS show Nov 3rd or collect in parts of NW England or London. Let me know what you got.
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    Hi, I live in the United States and have a Common Kingsnake. He was obtained early in his life, when he was approx. no more than 8 inches in length. This L. Getula I estimate is now 3 years old, and I am concerned with a problem that has developed recently. My King is consistently...
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    So I just put a deposit down on a kingsnake the other day and really happy about it. The guy that sold it to me said that the sale of certain king snakes is going to be banned soon and was giving me the hard sell, "If you want a king you'd better buy one now or the prices are gunna shoot up when...
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    I'm looking for speckled, desert, and maybe black and white cali's. Ideally wish to trade against royals or carpets, but will part with cash for the right animals PM and let me know what you have
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    Various pythons and colubrids for sale Pick up from Basingstoke or Watford, or local delivery is possible, happy to courier. Will have tables at IHS Doncaster shows. Photos available via email, any questions please ask 1.0 = Male 0.1 = Female 1.0 CB14 Black Blood Python, Python curtus £200...
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    Is this setup ok for a california king snake? Need to get: Vivarium 4ft 120cm x 45cm x 45cm Microclimate Dimmer B1 High Temp Thermostat Black 600w Arcadia Deep Heat Projector 50w Pro Rep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket 300w Bulb Holder Pro Rep Heater Guard Things i got: Microclimate Ministat...
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    :2thumb: Hi All, New to the whole reptile experience, always had a fascination with snakes but didnt want to jump into things just incase it was a phase but I am now certain it isn't, I have been researching for beginner snakes, and torn between King, Milk and Corn I am edging...
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    Wanted male mexican black kingsnake
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    Hello, I recently acquired a mexican black king snake who was very neglected and I noticed his scales look damaged. I scheduled an appointment with a vet who is experienced with snakes, but they're booked for a few days. Does anyone know if his scales are just damaged or if there's something...
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    Roughly 4 years old eats, poops and sheds well very shy nervous snake, doesn't bite at all though any questions just ask
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    All the above for sale in Bradford. Pics on request. Garter and king come with 3ft vivs, ceramic set ups, and pulse stats. Garter comes with plastic faunarium, mat and stat. Offer me.
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    I have a load of frozen medium sized mice and would like a swap for king snakes. Pyros, pastels etc Let me know what you have. The mice were bred by me and fed on quality diet of seeds and mouse food (not pig pellet). Collection Nantwich Cheshire. Thanks.
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    Available for collection from our shop in Hyde, Manchester For more information, call 0161 351 4705 Snakes 0.0.2 Red Bamboo Rat Snake - £170 0.0.1 Adult Green Vine Snake - £55 0.0.1 Albino House Snake - £35 Boas 0.1.0 Hypo Boa - £50 0.1.0 CB14 CA Motley Jungle poss Dream Pastel - £275 1.1.0...
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    Albino (hi white) reverse stripe male -£40 both feeding well on pinkies -born august 2016 -collection from leicester, Lavender Albino banded male-£40 (has a kinked tail) -looks more purple in the flesh but the flash paled it out. Albino (hi white) reverse stripe male -£40 open to offers.
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    :welcome: I have a few royals for sale as no longer fit in to my breeding plans. All are doing as they should any questions please ask males: enchi fire 630grams £100 (defrost large rat weaners) proven clown reduced pattern 615grams £275 (defrost large multis) females: kingspin 450grams £345...
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    I have decided to let my male caramel albino brooks king go as he does not fit into my current or future breeding plans. 2 years old. An absolute cracker, feeds like your typical brooks. Does everything he should. any questions please ask
1-19 of 493 Results