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    I have a number of 2019 locality specific Prairie Kingsnakes (L. calligaster) available. These snakes originate from Wichita Falls, Texas. There are a few partially striped individuals. Reply here, or txt me on: 07482310136. I may be able to deliver
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    I'm looking for Arizona mountain Kingsnakes [lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana] Does anyone know where I can buy them. I'm happy to collect them from anywhere in the mainland UK. I have been looking for a pair for a couple of years with no luck !
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    Over the last few years I've developed quite a soft spot for kingsnakes, particularly cali kings.... What are the more uncommons species that you don't see as readily available in the shops? Any pics would be great ***128077;
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    Brooks Kingsnakes For Sale (Relisted) Normal Brooks Kingsnakes 1.1 Pair CB14 £60 pair Whitesided Anerythristic Brooks Kingsnakes 1.1 Pair CB14 £100 pair Typical feisty king temperaments when opening tubs but can be handled. Normals are fine to handle, white sided are a bit skittish. Great...
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    I have for sale 1 x adult male Albino striped Californian Kingsnake and 1 x Female Adult Albino Kingsnake both a nice size and colour on them is amazing . £30 each or £55 for the Pair For pictures email [email protected] please no time wasters .
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    Variable Kingsnake Trio,all doing as they should. CB12 Orange Milksnake phase Female CB13 Milksnake phase Female CB13 Leopard phase male £100 the three. For the quickest response Email:[email protected] or text 07906113421 CB12 female CB13 female CB13 Male
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    All snakes are feeding and doing everything as they should unless stated. VARIABLE KINGSNAKES Males: CB13 Leopard Phase £50 CB13 Orange Milksnake Phase £50 Females: CB12 Orange Milksnake Phase £60 CB12 Orange Milksnake Phase £60 CB13 Milksnake Phase £50 DURANGO MOUNTAIN KINGSNAKES...
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    CB13 Variable Kingsnakes for sale,all doing as they should and feeding well on defrost mice. £45 Each South Wales Text or phone:07906113421 CB13 Male CB13 Male CB13 Male CB Male
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    Common Name: Kingsnake - Ruthven's ,Queretaro Kingsnake. Scientific Name: Lampropeltis ruthveni (Full Taxonomy) These are all of Amealco , Mexico, origin. I have an Adult Pair , large for Ruthvens at 3.5 ft. Also a smaller trio , one male and two females , approx 2ft . All have been cooled for...
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    CB12 female Albino Californian Kingsnake CB12 male Californian Kinsnake Doing all they should and never missed a feed. Not your typical kingsnake attitude, never struck, hissed or bitten. Both come with a plastic 'hatchling style' tub they're living in with a hide and water dish, plus a 2ft...
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    Arizona (Lampropeltis pyromelana) and Durango mountain kingsnakes (Lampropeltis Mexicana greeri) for sale, applegate special, double hets (amelanistic x Applegate) please see on my website available animals
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    (no, im not a troll. Just another person who likes snakes) Hey, I wanted to find out why my snake acts the way he does and how I can help him. I have a snake at home right now who seems very frightened (although, he may be a mole kingsnake; he's so small imo and his behavior 'seems' like a...
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    2013 kingsnakes £10 each double het for albinism californias mexican black x california intergrades
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    decided to streamline my collection a bit so have these available, willing to trade for good condition 4x2 viv/s adult proven male banded cali, great temperament does everything as he should....currently off food due to wanting to breed so perfect for someone with an adult female who wants to...
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    Ratsnakes and Kingsnakes for sale, many prices reduced, I’m in south Wales but can meet/deliver for the cost of fuel or will courier if buyer arranges. Classic Corn Female 1998 reduced to £10 (for sale as pet only)...
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    Here is a nice extreme hypo Honduran I produced this past season. An outstanding tricolor hypo, het anery/poss. het amel A very green colored Florida king from my "high-yellow" line A very intense golden yellow sibling from the same clutch as the one above. One of the only...
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    California Kingsnake hatchling very nice pattern and colour. Feeding on pinkies. Shed 3 times will come with feeding chart. you can ring or text me for further information on my mobile my number is 07583692464
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    got two kingsnakes yesterday and they look underweight so was advised to give them fluffs. they have been eating 3 pinkies a week but the pinkies are very small so we got them both a fluff last night and have put them in with them they are very interested although dont seem to be able to fit the...
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    just some random pictures of my female axanthic desert king simbi, enjoy!: victory: follow on instagram at chongandprosper :2thumb:
1-20 of 65 Results