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    10 x C.marshalli 10 x L.klugi 10 x B.vagans 10 x B.albopilosum 10 x LP's 5 lots available £80 posted
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    That's what I want. Lasiodra klugi, either a sling or confirmed female. Payment via PayPal for postage preferably.
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    list for sale it will be collection only from stafford im affriad sub adult female GBB (sexed via molt by me) sub adult female Nhandu chromatus (sexed via molt by Terraxenesthis) large juvi A. geniculata unsexed but due molt large juvi L. klugi unsexed but due molt 3 x 4cm G. pulchra £120.ono...
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    I'm posting this early as I can't really do anything til after Christmas due to lack of "spare" funds. However, I have been looking for a female L. Parahybana or L. klugi, even better if she is a relatively docile girl. Would consider other Lasiodora sp. I will be looking to buy after...
  5. Spiders and Inverts
    OK, so the klugi finally got into position. What do you think--male or female?
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    Hello RFUK members! Got some new deals for you. There is a few things you have to know if you wanna order: 1: These are not my spiders, but I will guarantee live arrival 2: These are not the cheapest pokies, I can give you on the listed price if we order 10+ from them 3: If you wanna buy 2...
  7. Spiders and Inverts
    So I have a parahybana, klugi, and truculentus on cocofibre. Essentially brown spiders (with some coloured highlights) sitting on similarly brown dirt which makes them difficult to actually see. Are there any alternatives that would make them more visible against their ground? All 3 like it...
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    AF A. Seemani £40 AF B.verdezi £50 S/AF L.klugi £45 AF D.pentaloris £55 ALL PIX TAKEN TONIGHT. £6.50 RMSD. PM FOR MORE DETAILS. TOM
1-8 of 8 Results