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    Sadly due to lack of space (had to down size) I don't have the room required for all my snakes so have for sale: Cb12 Male Western Hognose, sold to me as poss het albino. Feeds well on mouse fluffs, sheds and poos no problem. Makes a fuss when you pick him up but ok to handle once he knows...
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    Hi there I have an unrelated adult breeding pair of knoblochi Mountain Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi) for sale. They are both stunning snakes (see pics) and feed brilliantly on small adult mice. Can be sold as a pair (£200) or separately (£100 each), please email me at...
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    Never mind your cornsnakes...these are brilliant snakes for beginners or experts alike. Stunning colours, very easy to keep, totally friendly disposition (never EVER bite!) feed and shed like clockwork, not too big, not too small - what more could you ask?! For sale cb Tarahumara...
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    Hi all Im searching for a breeder of Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi type 2 (reduced lateral markings/ red banding but with heavy black edging to the red dorsal spots) in the UK or EC, can anyone help at all? I look forward to hearing from any one who can help me here, please email me at...
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    Hi There, I've got a beautiful female l.p.knoblochi - keen to see if I can get some eggs, but need a male to borrow for some essential fertilisation! Anyone in the Bristol area got a male and willing to help?! C
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    I thought it was about time i showed off Rosie my new Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake (L p. knoblochi) CB11. I got her from Darren at DGBGeckos. She is a real stunner but was just about to shed when i got her last week so i left her alone. After a good clean shed i thought she would be hungry. Wow...
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    FOR SALE (No swaps) Due to a change in circumstances (new job and a house move) I'm no longer able to keep my snakes. The all eat, shed, poop as they should. They are available for collection or I can meet you or deliver them locally. Please check my other thread for more low prices, all priced...
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    Male knoblochi kingsnake - CB09 - bought from the Reptile Shack Just not my thing :( concentrating on other things Eats and defecates well. Feeding chart and RUB included
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    CB 2010 - unrelated pairs available All captive bred by me, 11 hatched so far 10 more to go from three different blood lines - very clean markings - all bright - once eating well will be available for collection or courier! £100 pair inc delivery anywhere in UK discounts on more than 2 etc
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    I have for sale 4 Knoblochi, really friendly Snakes, eat well, Shed well. One of the Males is alot larger than the others, but are all a good size snakes. Also, in north Wales with me, i have A woodini, not sure on sex I Actually live in North wales but the snakes are with my brother in...
1-11 of 11 Results