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lavender motley
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    CB13 Lavender Motley Male & CB12 Sunfire Het Albino 50% Dwarf (Selayer) Female Retic These two snakes would make an incredible pairing :mf_dribble: CB12 Female Sunfire Het Albino, bred by Karsten Wollner and is still tiny. She must be 7ft max and very slender. She is eating rats and...
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    I have had a few male Lavenders het Hypo (50% chance they are homo Hypo) and het Amel hatch from a clutch that look motley like on top and have full checkers underneath. Dad is a Hypo Lavender and mam is an Amel het for Hypo and Lavender. I’ve seen this type of thing before but have 3 in the...
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    2010 lavender motley, he has a very slight kink in his tail he seems to be growing out of it though. Feeds without problem every 3-5 days sheds and poops without problem. Pics sent on request
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    Due to a recent change in circumstances I don't have enough time for all my snakes so I have to let a few go. I will start with the 2011 non feeders Female anery lavender het amel ph stripe £15 female anery het lavender, amel, ph stripe £10 female fire ph hypo, lavender, anery, stripe £15 Male...
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    Hi, Originally got this little chap as part of an intended breeding plan but I no longer plan to breed him now so the little guy is up for sale as I think he has great breeding potential and someone out there could do so much more with him than I can. He is handled every day (apart from for 48...
1-5 of 5 Results