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laying eggs
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  1. Breeding
    Hi I bred my two corn snakes on the second of April 2020. It has been 56 days today and She has not had her pre-lay shed. I’ve already put moss in a hide for her to lay in. I am really scared for her. This is her second time laying. Last year was all good but only 2 eggs were fertile, one of...
  2. Breeding
    After a little advice here, my son has a pair of Chinese water dragons that bred a few months ago but she is now a few weeks overdue for laying ( he says ). Conditions are perfect for her to lay but she won't. I was wondering if having the male in the enclosure will stop her laying...any ideas?
  3. Lizards
    Just curious as my female has laid and want to know if she will be laying agaon soon.
  4. Breeding
    hi all, Im thomas and I live in Ireland. I currently have a suspected gravid YBS. She is approx 6 inches in size and is about 4 and a half years old. She went off her food so i believed she was sick until I researched it around three weeks ago. She then started eating again after 4 days for 3...
  5. Snakes
    I posted yesterday that our RO corn had laid a clutch for us but they are not looking too healthy. Its her second/double clutch. Well, I got up this morning to find our charcoal just laying her second egg!!!!! These eggs look great and just what they should look like so fingers crossed she...
  6. Snakes
    Silly Chleo, a white cornsnake, that hasnt eaten since i got her bk in jan, has just laid a clutch of eggs...IN HER WATER BOWL!! trying to save them and have very carefully tried to not turn them while moving them into a tank of vermiculite, its probably too late for them now, but well see...
  7. Feeder
    Ive just been watching my locust colony which started mating about 4 days ago now.. her abdomen keeps opening into like a grabber which im assuming means she is trying to lay? However, she is doing this into thin air :S? is this normal as ive got 3 laying boxes up to 4 inches deep..?
  8. Breeding
    Our female frillie is gravid for the first time. Earlier on she was digging in the substrate as she has completely ignored the lay box I put in. I genuinely thought she was going to start laying but then nothing seemed to be happening and she was still frantically digging in the corner. I...
  9. Breeding
    Hello, Ive just got in from work to find my Female is laying eggs in the corner of her viv.. Im totally unprepaired for this, i had no idea. She does live with a small male, but they was housed together when i got them and they seam to be too close to separate.. so ive always kept them...
  10. Lizards
    my female bearded dragon, has just laid one egg, of her first ever clutch i cant get her incubator set up till tomorrow, what should i do???? also she has laid one and left the box with damp vermiculite id set up earlier but she wasnt due to lay for another week please help im a nervous wreck
  11. Feeder
    I've had my superworm beetles for 3 months now and I've not seen any sign of baby super worms. They have toilet roll tubes for hides, 2 inches of substrate and are fed on bug grub, bug gel and fresh veg. I've used some real fine oats for substrate it's quite powdery. I know that the eggs are...
  12. Snakes
    No, no, we're not gravid. We'll eat anything you hand us, we haven't seen a male since February..... So what are these giant white marshmallows in your coils, then? Ten eggs I'd given up on having. Seven from one female, three from another, two more girls who are looking like they might...
  13. Lizards
    Hi all... I have what seems to be a particularly fussy female panther chameleon who does not like any of the places i have offered her to lay her eggs.. its been a bit too long for my liking and she has left one egg on the surface.... has anyone else had positive experiences with panthers laying...
1-13 of 13 Results