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    Uroplatus Sikorae MDA All captive bred by me Real nice quality examples. Males £125 Female £200 Pairs (unrelated) £300 No offers please, the price is firm.thanks. Guess you will have to give me your email for pics as I can't workout how to attach the silly things to this post. : victory:
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    My friend is after a couple of Satanic leaf tail geckos (Uroplatus phantasticus) Preferably an unrelated pair of hatchlings. Get in touch in you got anything or know any breeders. Many thanks Alex
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    Hi we are the Rhac-Shack, we have some quality, stunning geckos for sale. We will have the following geckos with us at Doncaster reptile show and we will have a table. They can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit to be collected from the show. Male cork bark leaftail gecko (Uroplatus...
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    male henkeli leaftail gecko just over 1 years old,excellent health really good size,loves his bugs,no problems shedding,not shy at all ,collection Shildon,county durham
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    Cb12 eating well, regenerated tail.
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    Regretfully I have to sell my entire collection. I will consider offers, but please don't take the biscuit. 8.0 Uroplatus finiavana - £230 each CB 2012/2013 0.1 Uroplatus finiavana - CB2011 £450 - Stunning specimen! 1.1 Uroplatus aff. henkeli "Diego henkeli"- CB2013, Canadian bloodlines £600...
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    8.0 Uroplatus finiavana - £230 each Of which...3.0 have been living together absolutely fine. They need more space, but I don't see why they can't continue living together. 2.0 - Another two that have been living together very happily 2.0 - CB2013 0.2 Uroplatus finiavana - CB2013 £400...
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    Anyone have any henkeli leatails willing to travel
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    juvenile henkels leaftail as yet unsexed by us but if you know about these reptiles you might be able to sex it .hand feeds live food we,ve had it for about 4 months now and it 3 times the size of when we got it. we were going to get a couple of more but have decided to concentrate on crested...
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    anyone have any henkels leaftail or taking any to Donny 6 months plus
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    I have the following geckos for sale: 0.0.2 Uroplatus sikorae- CB2012 from Canada - £250 each 0.0.2 (1.1) Uroplatus aff. henkeli - "Diego" Henkeli (Smaller, undescribed species, between sikorae and henkeli in size) - CB 2012 from Canada - £600/pr 0.1 Uroplatus finiavana CB2012 - £400 7.0...
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    I have a few finiavana for sale. This is a species very similar to phantasticus, but larger and much rarer. Males are now reduced to £230 2012's hatchlings have been the nicest I have had so far. Quite a few of them seem to have quite heavily-notched, large tails and more unusual markings...
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    Was feeding the little henkeli and placed a cricket I pinched a little too hard in front of her :P the way she was checking it out was too cute :flrt:
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    Stunning juvenile male available. CB2012 The photo does very little justice to his striking pattern. Beatiful, flawless animal. Growing fast, shedding and feeding very well. From Canadian bloodlines. Will consider trade for an adult male striped sikorae. Courier is possible at buyer's risk...
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    If interested, please contact through website: Gekkonidae UK - or EMAIL: [email protected] All are from North American bloodlines, apart from the finiavana 0.1 Uroplatus henkeli - large, healthy young adult. 0.1 Uroplatus sikorae - (pictured) very nice striped holdback, ready to breed...
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    i have a young female cb 2012 satanic leaf tail im looking to swap for the same species, same sex. this is purely for the purposes of healthy bloodlines. photo is of mother : victory:
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    I have the following for sale, available immediately. Delivery to Doncaster show is possible. 1.0 Uroplatus henkeli - Henkel's Leaftail Gecko 1.0 Uroplatus lineatus - Lined Leaftail Gecko 1.0 Ebenavia inunguis - Madagascar Clawless Gecko 0.2 Uroplatus sikorae - Mossy Leaftail Gecko 0.2...
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    1.0 Subadult Uroplatus lineatus, CB in North America Excellent feeder and very nice markings. Regenerated tail. Collection from Cambridge or Doncaster show. Delivery possible either by courier (at buyer's risk and expense), or by myself within a reasonable distance for the cost of fuel.
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    0.1 Uroplatus sikorae, CB2011 Collection from Cambridge or Doncaster show. Delivery possible either by courier (at buyer's risk and expense), or by myself within a reasonable distance for the cost of fuel.
1-20 of 48 Results