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  1. Habitat
    Hi everyone I hope you're all well. My exo terra has sprung a leak over the last week or so! Can anyone tell me if there is a way to fix it without having to take everything out of it as it's planted and has inhabitants! Thanks.
  2. Habitat
    Hey. Looking for some opinions/ideas about my new viv. So I have a redfoot tortoise. Just upgraded him to a new custom build vivarium. The new tank has a nice deep layer of substrate. It's got clay balls, then top soil and then orchard bark. Humidity is nice and high. Overall we're extremely...
  3. Habitat
    Hi all, Just thought I'd share with you all my experience of the Exo Terra waterfall and with the company Hagen. We've had two waterfalls, the first pump failed and it was swapped for us at our local store where we purchased - shame really as the previous model seemed ok. We had a problem...
  4. Breeding
    I checked on my eggs yesterday and noticed one of them had developed a growth, which looked alot like a lump of hardened pva glue. After removing the growth the egg started leaking a semi translucent gel-like substance. The egg itself haden't started to change shape, but it may have still been...
1-4 of 4 Results