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leather back
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    Red Hot tiger and red hot tiger leatherbacks for sale. 7 weeks old. Mother: red hot tiger leatherback father: mandarin red tiger leatherback dachui x blood bank dragon bloodlines. All eating really well and doing everything they should. Had calcium and vits since hatching and all well handled...
  2. Lizards
    This is " Roxie " she's my 12 month old beauty had her since a baby. check her out. some young and older pics.
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    Stunning(i'm probably a bit bias)baby bearded dragons for sale. The leather backs are £40 and the red/normals are £30. The mum is a red hypo and the dad is a red leather back. They're 6 weeks old, brilliant feeders on crickets and veg and ready to go. There are absolutely no tail nips or toes...
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    Silkback & Leatherback babys for sale. Silkbacks £90 Leatherbacks £40 They are all healthy, eating, pooing and are 6 weeks old. The parents are: Male Rainbow Tiger Leatherback Female: Cream Hypo Leatherback Parents can be seen in the pictures, the male has very vivid...
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    I have had this dragon available for a short while now, and have been told by a few people that he's not hypo. His nails are almost clear, with a very pale silver sheen to them. however very likely to be het hypo, I have no way of proving this, so will say poss het hypo. He is however 210% a...
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    this is my friends beardie, that I'm fostering while he's on detachment in Cyprus, but he's decided to sell the dragon. He used to have a partner who he lived with, so it wouldn't matter about his detachments but they broke up a while ago, he kept dexter and thought it would be alright, he's now...
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    big boy for age d.o.b 22/3/11 Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with MOTHER: high orange leatherback from Dachiu FATHER: red and black leatherback from Kkchameleons both parents have bith certificate very nice colurs d.o.b 22/3/11...
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    about 5 weeks old..eating and shedding well,very tame as handled....
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    No nips or issues at all. Very pretty colours and patterning. Can deliver for fuel costs.
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    we have 4 blood red x citrus leather back baby bearded dragons for sale they are 8 week old ready to go now 3 looking female and 1 male 98% sure of sexes at this age £60 each mum is a blood red and dad is a citrus leather back all shedding and eating well eating crickets and salad...
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    I have an unwanted FEMALE LEATHER BACK beaded dragon good size 2 and a bit years old £200
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    We have hatched out the following dragons:- hypo translucent silkbacks translucent silkbacks double het silkbacks hypo trans leathers trans leathers double het leathers and many more, see my site for prices and availablity. thanks steve.
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    Hey peeps : victory: Pick up this lil male leather back today, hope you like. Cheers: victory: Lee
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    hi we have for sale some citrus x red double hets(het hypo het translucent) for sale (we bought a job lot and these came with it) there are also about 3 leatherbacks, very light (more citrus) that are also double hets these are lovely babies, shedding fine eating fine and pooing fine...
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    1st is my jaffa a red citrus micro scaled leather back truely stunning £200 the theres scarlet one of the best red leathers i have seen female £300 then theres lila shes a hypo het trans female really stunning the purple just gets brighter same with the orange £250 then theres scorch...
  16. Lizard Pictures
    there coming on the 26th of june my new girl my new leathback boy
1-16 of 16 Results