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leatherback beardie
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    Hi I have 3 bearded dragons 1 male normal beardie 3 years old 1 male red beardie 2 1/2 years old 1 female leatherback 2 1/3 years old 2 x 3 foot tanks with full design inside and setup I don't have the room for them anymore, I want £170.00 for everything, all I ask is they get a good home...
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    Hi all, Male red leatherback bearded dragon (possibly hypo too, but I'm not really sure) for sale. He's 20 months old and comes with a full 4 x 2 x 2 set-up. Location - Near Great Dunmow, Essex. Looking for £200 ono. Here's a list of everything that's included: - 4 x 2 x 2 Vivarium - Natural...
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    Hi I'm selling my 3 bearded dragons and 2 tanks which I have had 2 years. 1 female leather back 1 male normal 1 male red 2 tanks with full setups Don't have to room for them anymore as my partner brought home a chameleon, All offers are welcome, just please be a good home All dragons are...
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    Hi guys, I am selling this little fella and whole set up. It was meant to be for a friend which doesnt want it any more and I ended up with this guy. I bought everything new except viv for him/her. I paid for it all around £160 but i am williing to sell it for £125 as i can not keep him/her...
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    Due to a partnership split, I am downsizing our collection. 'Spike' is a male microscale leatherback from 'Where dragons dwell' and has never been bred from, and has been kept on his own. He is a very calm and relaxed dragon
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    i Have a red Leatherback bearded dragon which i got 3 weeks ago he is around 5-6 months old complete set up is included in the price will sell beardie seperate if offer is right also will do trades on what you have to offer many thanks Mark 07974950219
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    Hey guys I've been reading the forums for a while now, but i thought i would leave my first post until i had my here he is! he is an 8 week old leatherback and he is beautiful. Just a few minor questions, he just did his first poo and it was slightly runny, the paper towel was...
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    I have a four month old male leatherback for sale. He is in perfect condition. I need to move this young guy on asap as I need the space so price is just £50. More pictures available if needed....PM your email address if interested. Delivery may be possible... :2thumb:
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    On the lookout for a Adult or Sub Adult Male Leatherback. Can Collect from South of Coventry,birmingham,South and West Wales, Southampton,bournemouth Dorset,devon,cornwall etc. If anyone has one for sale at sensible money please PM with details. Many thanks:2thumb:
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    I have a three month old female leatherback for sale - I was planning to keep this girl for myself but now need more space. She is in excellent health, perfect condition and loves her food. She is 11 1/2 inches and growing very well. Parents are a white/red leatherback from Bloodbank and...
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    10 months old male leatherback fora sale. open to offerts. ive got viv for extra cost. 42 cm long very healthy, i can deliver for petrol cost, eatting well salad and live foods like horse:) :lol2: Uploaded with
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    I have three males leatherbacks for sale. They are £70 each. These guys are now 12 weeks old and are eating well, growing fast and very healthy. If interested PM me for more pictures of babies and parents. Delivery is possible to the North East, North West and Midlands. :2thumb:
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    I have for sale a female leatherback bearded dragon from kkchameleons. Sale is due to downsizing reptile collection, also she is very skittish so needs taming. She is about 2/3 months old now. Message me back for pics and if interested.
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    hi guys up for sale got an amazing sunfire orange x us red leatherback female bearded dragon 2months strong orange coloration loves her grub great personality email for pics of the amazing dragon [email protected] PRICE REDUCED £135 due to slight unnoticable tail nip...
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    leatherback bearded dragons mum sunfire orange dad US red from dachiu all babies ready to go,all eating feeding and growing well please email for pics
1-15 of 15 Results