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leatherback dragons
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    Hi, My previous post was listed as swap only! These beardies will be FOR SALE! They will be ready by the end of June, as they only hatched 11.5.11 There are 9 in total with a further 8 siblings for sale. These are all very active and healthy. There are and will be no tail or toe nips (i've...
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    I have 9 baby leatherback bearded dragons that will be ready for sale towards the end of June. They hatched 11.5.11. All very active and healthy. Eating shed loads of gut loaded crickets 3 times daily. They are also fed a mixture of veg every morning. Just seeing what interest there is out there...
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    Bred from a red phase leatherback to a tangerine stripe 2 left, now 12 weeks old Feeding well on all live and veg, fine to handle. all intact £150 £125
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    Hi just updating the people that was asking about the first generation Fire & ice Leatherback in the uk Breed. have just starting to hatch. So do not miss out on being the first person in the uk to own one. I will post photo in the next few days. & price in the next few weeks. Cheers Mark...
1-4 of 4 Results