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  1. Reptile Classifieds - Exotics for Sale and Wanted
    I currently have various morph baby bearded dragons available to leave straight away I have a lot more available than pictured If you like any in the photos please let me know which ones, alternatively you are welcome to come and view all in person No expense has been spared raising these...
    £50 GBP
  2. Rehoming Classifieds
    She is around 8 years old, leatherback, very tame and laid back - will make a perfect pet. Not to be housed with a male as she is too old to be bred from. Needs a lovely retirement home where she will be loved and cared for. No housing available, so I will need to see you have the correct set...
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    For sale - About 15months old.......I have her in a 3ft viv and was planning on buying a 4ft viv at 18months old. Change of house and a new landlord refusing is to have her means we need to part! I plan on keeping the setup!
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    As the title says I'm looking for a leatherback female bearded dragon around six months of age. Can anybody help me?
  5. Lizard Classifieds
    We have for sale our last dragon looking for a home, just £20. Male hypo citrus tiger leatherback.
  6. Lizards
    New babies as from today. Can anyone tell me what morph they are please. I can never remember what what. The dark bubba is a leather back or at least has minute scales so is very smooth, the light (translucent?) is not quite as smooth but not as rough as a norm so guessing they were from mixed...
  7. Lizard Classifieds
    Hey, here i have for sale my 7-10 month old awesome leatherback unsexed bearded dragon buddy, Hes a little fisty at times but will deffo tame down easily, He's stunning, and just generelly lovely, He's avalible with or without full 2 ft exo terra setup and I'm open to all offers, Thanks:-)
  8. Lizards
    Poncho has healed nicely! He is so spoiled.. :mrgreen: He is ever so beautiful! :) ...and getting pudgy... Lol.
  9. Lizards
    Hey guys! I run a media company and we had a Photron camera in last week for a shoot... I thought it'd be fun to shoot a few of my guys eating in super slow motion. This is a video of my Leatherback Beardie Flash eating and head bobbing (he saw another of my reps whilst they were being filmed...
  10. Lizard Classifieds
    Pair of Leather-back Bearded Dragons for sale, in a large 3ft X 2ft vivarium. 1 male, 1 female, who recently laid a clutch of 10 eggs, so female probably gravid. Approximately 1 year old, both handled well but the male a bit less keen whilst loved up! Both feeding well, pooing & shedding as they...
  11. Lizards
    Check out the available page at, We have Dragons starting from as little as £50, with stunning babies due to hatch later this year. Visit our available page direct: - Available Bearded Dragons
  12. Lizard Classifieds
    Looking for bearded dragon morphs, Any of the following: Leatherback Silkback Dunner ( depending in price ) Hypo's Translucent Red If you have any of these then please let me know Doesn't matter how far away you are as I can arrange courier If you have any "het" for these morphs please...
  13. Lizard Classifieds
    Various bearded dragon babies available. Couple of examples are below, more available on our website with more information regarding parental lines etc. Orange/Citrus Hypo Translucent Leatherback Male 9 inches £180 Orange/Citrus Hypo het Translucent Leatherback Male...
  14. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a female leatherback bearded dragon, a nice patterned one! Doesn't really matter what age it is, although I'd prefer younger. Can't really travel so would have to use courier, at my cost of course. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! Stuart
  15. Lizard Classifieds
    I have baby bearded dragons ready for sale in 4 weeks, They range from Normal to silk back translucents, which right now in scotland are normlly expensive and in scotland VERY hard to come across, we are not a buisiness we are independent breeders but we do aim for top quality beardies. The...
  16. Lizards
    hi all ive decided to join the beardie gang......................and leo gang lol i was looking for a beardie to rehime and cam across a strange sight, it was a beardie well a juvie leather back being housed with a breeding pair of leos? i enquired and was told they have been together for ages...
  17. Lizard Classifieds
    He is around 19" long. Very healthy, never had health issues. all toes and tail intact. Loves insects, not bothered about veg. He's about a year and a half old. Comes with 3.5ft viv, uv light which is about 3 months old, heat light fitting with Microclimate B1 thermostat. Decorations and heat...
  18. Lizard Classifieds
    We have two lovely young bearded dragons looking for a new home and they came with their setup of vivexotic vivarium , heat bulb, UV light + decorations and food. Both females were hold backs from clutches last year. One is a citrus and the other is a leatherback. They are very used to being...
  19. Lizard Classifieds
    I have for sale the following: Blood Red Leatherback adult male. Has recently bred for the first time at approximately 1 year old. His colours are nice and bright and he is in his prime. Purchased from Palace of Dragons, certificate available. Red Citrus Pastel het Hypo Female, ready to...
1-20 of 190 Results