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    He's gorgeous! Very tiny. Has a spunky personality already! :) Fell asleep on my husband after running around all day. ;) Needs a name. Any suggestions??
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    I have the following for sale; 3x Tangrine Tiger Normals £35 each 7x Tangrine Tiger x Italian Leatherbacks £45 each 1 X Silkback £65 each I am open to offers They are all eating, shedding and pooing fine. Thier diet is crickets, small meals worms, wild rocket, squash and water...
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    hi i got some 8 week old baby leatherbacks for sale little eating machines got some nice orange and red in them shedding feeding pooing fine no nipes or tails missing collection only £25 each or 2 for £40 hope pics come up <a...
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    Baby bearded dragons £20 normal, £35 leather back Various ages ie some ready now some next week some only just hatched so not available for 7 weeks,viewings welcome no pressure to buy Father is red x citrus leatherback mother is normal with really nice red chin. Babies eating veg and...
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    Selection of what avaliable 1) Het hypo Trans Leatherback - £125 2) Het Hypo Het Trans Leatherback - £125 3) Het Hypo Het Trans Leatherback - £100 4) Hypo Het Trans Leatherback - £40 slight Kink in tail (Since Born) Others for sale from same clutch from £10 to £100 See my other threads for...
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    Due to now closing down the bearded dragon breeding program we have got loads of baby bearded dragons from 13 weeks old to 2 weeks old all leatherbacks are £20 each high coloured normals are £10 each and i have 4 silkbacks that will be ready in about 3 weeks they are £100 each i will do deals on...
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    Selling my collection and breeding stock of dragons cheap! No pictures availible as i dont have time so first come first serve. Contact on 01543 379888 2 male leatherbacks £29.99 each 10 months old female fire and ice (tail nip) £59.99 9 months old male leatherback £39.99 10 months old...
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    As in title selling my breeding dragons i had brought for breeding but no longer have the time these are very low in price to what i paid. Hypo translucent female with papers £150 Leatherback Female £100 Proven pair of fire and ice bred once with papers £150 Blood red male £100 NO PICTURES...
  9. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi I got a few Fire and Ice First Generation fire and ice leatherbacks up for sale. Prices Strat from £99.00 All come with full pedigree paper.....I will also give a copy of mum & Dad Papers. Also got a few sibs starting price £85.00 call me 07740585435 0208 684 3387 cheers mark
  10. Lizard Classifieds
    Update I just had more hatch so For this saturday only......i Have 3 First generation fire and ice LEATHERBACKS up on a special offer this is on first come first serv......YES ONLY £100.00.each....Collection only from shop so pop in shop opens at 0900 hrs. or call me 07740585435 02086843387...
  11. Lizard Pictures
    my male Fire and ice leatherback One of my sibs from my leatherback
  12. Lizard Classifieds
    Fire and ice leatherbacks first genernation take a look. All dragonss r for sale so do not miss out................. please call me for price or pop into shop.. all of the dragon u c r for sale all the sibs r just as nice pop into shop or call me 0208 684 3387 07740585435 cheers mark
  13. Lizard Classifieds
    hi i have 4 leatherbacks for sale there all around 8 weeks old and have no tail or toe nips there arond 7inch long and are feeding well on mealworms salad and crickets im looking for £40 each or 140 for all 4 of them there is one male and 3 females. my contact number is 07707537768
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    Hi i am looking for a female Red Leatherback Female. Around 12/ 14 months old. So if any one thats got one. & going to one of the shows in europe. i would collect from there. Or is anyone taking one to kempton this weekend. This is for my own breeding stock please send me photo & price. cheers...
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    Stunning leathers from a Dachiu imported male and a UK female. Colours developing nicely, the orange is really starting to come through now. 10weeks old. Looking male at the moment. 3 Leathers, 3 Sibs. Buyer will have to collect as I dont drive but I'm going to Kempton so could meet en...
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    Out of an english bred female and a Dachiu leatherback male. Please email for more piccies, the comp is throwing a paddy every time I try to up load to photobucket. Eight weeks old and showing stunning orange colouration. Pics dont do them justice! £75 each. Siblings: £35. Very bright orange...
  18. Lizards
    Hia im looking to expand my beardie collection and was looking at getting a leatherback, could anyone point me to a good breeder that is breeding good bloodlines and coloured morphs please? any info welcome :2thumb:
  19. Lizards
    Hi all im stuck now deciding whether to go for a leatherback beardie or a norm but a nice morph one preferably a redish colour. In my local reptile shop other week and stroked a leatherback and was amassed by the feel so i was wondering: Which do you people prefer leatherbacks or normal...
  20. Lizard Pictures
    :flrt::flrt::flrt: We've bred some stunners too!! Two days old and look at the colour. I'm going to be celebrating for weeks methinks! Sorry for boring you all with pics but I had to share my excitement. :cheers: Kat
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