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    1.2 Southern White Lip Pythons (Leiopython meridionalis) (2xLTC's + 1xCB'10 = all adults)... £1,500 1.1 CB'10 Papuan Pythons (Apodora papuana)... £1,400 1.1 Papuan Pythons (Apodora papuana) (1.0=CB'10, 0.1=LTC Sub-Adult)... £1,200 0.1 CB 50% Dwarf Goldenchild Het Albino...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    I have for sale two unrelated adult leiopython albertisii golden phase, both approximately 7-7.5ft. The male is cb2000, the female is cb2008 and more heavily built. Both feeding on defrost large rats and in perfect health. The female has been cooled this season and is ready to breed Looking...
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    07 female white lipped python (Leiopython albertisii) for sale, about 6ft long and can be feisty to handle. £350 or may trade/partial trade for Boiga cyanea Picture is pre shed, normally even brighter and more iridescent.
  4. Snake Care Sheets
    Hey Guys, I've been a bit nervous of posting this so please go easy on me. The taxonomy history is from the reptile database and the rest of the info has been painstakingly deciphered from O'Shea and Schleips 2008 paper, however any mistakes are mine alone The rest is based on my own...
  5. Snake Pictures
    This is Honey...she is my pride and joy...jewel of my her to pieces.... Shes a Northern (golden) Whitelipped python (Leiopython albertisi), CB02 She normally eats large rats or quails every 2/3 weeks but given her huge size (just over 8ft which is big for a northern) I...
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    Male white-lip python Captive bred 2007 by Christian Castille Only around 5ft in length and small for age Proven breeder and feeds well on poultry Viv defensive but becomes calmer out of the vivarium with slow handling. Selling due to having too many males Pick up from Stoke or donny show £220
  7. Snake Pictures
    These guys have phenomenal gobs! They can really take large prey considering the size of the snake. She's been on rats this size for a while now, and has grown a bit since she started on them...even considering moving her up once this lot have been eaten.
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    Available for Hamm or Houten (snakeday) German Captive-bred male Black phase whitelippython. 1.0 Leiopython Hoserae. Cb 2007 For any good offer. A trade against other pythons species is also possible. I'm going to the shows in Hamm and Houten, so I can bring him with me.
  9. Snake Pictures
    I just wanted to share some latest photos of my Southern, she isn't easy to photograph effectively but I'm relatively pleased with these shots :) I did disturb her for these, so there is growing annoyance at my ugly mug being in her face... She is an '09, and her colour is still...
  10. Snakes
    The other day I went into an exotic pet shop and came across one of these beautiful snakes and I couldn't resist picking it up. I felt bad for the poor animal as I could see the tank they had set up for it was not sufficient. I had no idea at the time exactly how much they were neglecting the...
1-10 of 10 Results